Tie Dye


Introduction: Tie Dye

First step:Get a plain white shirt,and tie dye kit from Walmart or any store.

Step two:Rinse fabric out with soap and water,then wring.

Step three:Pinch about 1 inch (2.5 cm) of the fabric at the center. Tie tightly with an elastic band.

Step four:Continue tying more elastic bands below each other, spacing about one inch apart. Tie as many as you like. These will create circle patterns on the fabric.

Step five:Soak the fabric in the dye (and salt) and boiling water mixture as instructed on pack.

Step six:Rinse well in clean water. The water from the squeezed fabric should run clear after. Wring the fabric.

Step seven:Hang outside to dry



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    See above! :-} And, in your example, how do you change colors? Do you pour the different colors where the bands are (or maybe in between them?)

    yea, what tomatoskins said, peace sign!

    How did you get the cool piece sign design?