Step 3: Prepare the Blue Dye

Fill the premixed (and key to my tie dying success) bottle of blue Tulip fabric tie-dye with water and shake to mix the color per the directions in the kit. Spread a Tulip plastic surface cover or trash bag on the ground outside. I recommend you do this outside, even though the squirt bottles makes dying less messy than the big tub of dye method, it never hurts to err on the side of easier clean up. WEAR THE GLOVES THAT COME IN THE KIT. Unless you want blue hands. The dye is nontoxic so that's not the issue. Walking around with Smurf hands until the dye wears off could be though.
I have a daughter, grown up, that would love these. Where can you buy the Chinese Cotton Mary Jane shoes that are good? I have googled it and the reviews on the ones I found have some bad reviews.
So lovely
Those are such cute shoes! I love the style, but they just weren't cutting it in the plain color. Love the way you beautified them :)

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