Step 4: Applying the Dye

To apply die you can pour (or squirt with squirt bottles) dye onto each portion of the rubberbanded underwear. For the best result apply a different color to each section and thoroughly cover all the white.
All the ideas I have seen for this involve "Tighty Whities". Can I assume that this idea would also work for white Boxers, socks, tank tops etc. too?
Use some earth tone colors and you will not have to change your underwear for a month. Don't go to jail with them on.
actually Go to jail with them no one want to sleep with inmate named stinkbutt lol
I hope my dad doesn't go to jail any time soon, but it would be hilarious if he did.
I'd love to know how he reacts!
it was great. He was so surprised.
ditto. ;)
I'm not sure if this is amazing or horrific, either way it's fascinating!

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