Picture of Tie-Dyed Underwear
The perfect Father's Day gift. Easy to make, and a great surprise for your dad. With these brief you'll always look your best.
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Step 1: Material

Picture of Material
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For this instructable you will need:
5 to 10 pairs of plain white briefs
1 Tie-dye kit
1 bag of rubber bands

Step 2: Rubber banding

Picture of Rubber banding
To make really cool patterns on your Dads undies you need place rubber bands on the underwear like the picture.

Step 3: Mixing dye

The tie-dyeing kit should contain instructions (if your kit has directions you should probably use those) . But if it doesn't the directions are pretty much universal.
1) Fill the plastic bottles (that should be in the kit) with water. You can also use a small plastic bottle.
2) Mix in the dye. The die should be in powdered or liquid form.
3) shake the bottles until the dye is thoroughly mixed.

Step 4: Applying the dye

To apply die you can pour (or squirt with squirt bottles) dye onto each portion of the rubberbanded underwear. For the best result apply a different color to each section and thoroughly cover all the white.

Step 5: Setting the dye

Picture of Setting the dye
For my kit I had to rap the finished product in plastic for 6 to 8 hours. Than wash them in the washer. Don't put your new undies in with other clothes until the ink is set other wise you may ruin your other clothes.

Step 6: Closing

I hope this instructable works out for you and I hope to see some pictures.