Picture of Tie Loads to Car Roofs By Making Temporary Anchors
This is for cars with no racks on the car roof and with at least 4 doors
When  there are places to tie the ropes to,  or to hook the bungee cords to , then  it is easy to tie loads to car roofs with ropes or bungee cords
The places to tie the ropes, or hook the bungee cords , are w called anchor points.
Here is how to make these temporary anchor points

The use of a ratchet strap is also most highly recommended. 

The use of a rubbery roof pad is also highly  recomended

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
There are several materials that can be used for anchors.
The materials have to be strong and thin.
For my vehicle, I would consider strong as having a working load of 75 pounds or more
I would consider thin to be less than 3/8 inches thick.

Although I will illustrate the procedure with nylon military belts ( straps)
Other materials could have been used.
For instance:
Cable Ties ( Zip Ties)
550 paracord
Electrical cord
Other thin wirres or cables
Luggage straps
Leather belts

DeeRilee1 year ago

Great ideas! One thing that should be mentioned, during a heavy rain the "anchor" could cause water to be diverted inside the car.

But for dry weather, a perfect solution!

Excellent ideas here!

thank you!