Picture of Tie Rack at TechShop
I have had difficulty finding a tie rack that I like.  I decided to take it upon myself to make one to my specs at TechShop.  It is a very simple design and doesn't take much time.  Sara at TechShop Detroit was very helpful.  The whole rack was made out of parts from tech shop.  The steel rod cost only $5 and the wood was scrounged from the scrap bin.  www.techshop.ws
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Step 1:

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The first step is to gather materials.  I am using one 72" long, 1/4" diameter steel rod and a plank of wood from the scrap pile.  Total cost: $5   

Step 2:

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The plank was a little wide so I cut it down to a width of 3" on the SawStop.

Step 3:

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Next, I cut the rod down to form the hanger portion of the rack.

Step 4:

After cutting the rod down, I had to file down the rough edges so that they wouldn't wreck my ties/stab me when I reach for my neckwear.  I used a vise and a file to shave them down to a uniform size. 

Step 5:

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After all of the rods are the same length, I drilled the wood to hold the rods.  I put the holes at an angle so that the ties will not slide off.  To do this, I braced the board against the fence of the drill press and put a narrow board underneath it.  I then drilled holes at every inch.    

Step 6:

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After the holes are drilled, I use a hammer to tap the rods into the rack.  
ram1012 years ago
would like to see a pic of it in action! :)
manishrkp2 years ago
Pl. post image with ties.
me too eagerly waiting for that :P
This came out really nicely, and your instructions were great! Thanks for the post.