Tie Your Shoes, Insanely Fast, Easily





Introduction: Tie Your Shoes, Insanely Fast, Easily

tie both your shoes in about five seconds. a long time ago, my mom learned this trick, i've finally decided to show the world. do't show your friends, taunt them

Step 1: Holding the Lace

holding this is crucial. you have to get it right.

Step 2: Grabing

with both hands, hold the middle of the opposite lace.

Step 3: Finish

please look at the videos for more help



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what happened to the videos ? I can't open either of them and I'm dieing to learn this .

Wow. This is quite brilliant. The video helps and by moving the progress button in quicktime I soon saw how it is done frame by frame. It is much easier than it looks. Thanks for sharing this with us. Maybe you could do a video from the point of view of the wearer i.e with the shoe the other way round.

One word: Velcro.

One URL: http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/ianknot.htm

the first video is ussefull

I still can't do it. I can only get one loop to work. Do a video that is like a step by step. I'm having trouble. -.-

Do it even quicker.....use a nail gun ;-)

and wait for it to finish loading

This is really bothering me. I'm so close to doing it but I can only get one loop. The other loop is always loose so it wont tie. Make another vid with instructions. D:

hold it really close to the lace

i learnt how to do this i think you can find a video somewhere on youtube how to do this, its like a life trick, really i like how you put this on instructables.