Picture of Tie Your Shoes, insanely fast, easily
tie both your shoes in about five seconds. a long time ago, my mom learned this trick, i've finally decided to show the world. do't show your friends, taunt them

Step 1: Holding the Lace

Picture of Holding the Lace
holding this is crucial. you have to get it right.
blimey3 years ago
Wow. This is quite brilliant. The video helps and by moving the progress button in quicktime I soon saw how it is done frame by frame. It is much easier than it looks. Thanks for sharing this with us. Maybe you could do a video from the point of view of the wearer i.e with the shoe the other way round.
hammer98764 years ago
One word: Velcro.

One URL: http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/ianknot.htm
E-R-IC (author) 6 years ago
the first video is ussefull
ikoda E-R-IC6 years ago
I still can't do it. I can only get one loop to work. Do a video that is like a step by step. I'm having trouble. -.-
Do it even quicker.....use a nail gun ;-)
E-R-IC (author)  E-R-IC6 years ago
and wait for it to finish loading
ikoda E-R-IC6 years ago
This is really bothering me. I'm so close to doing it but I can only get one loop. The other loop is always loose so it wont tie. Make another vid with instructions. D:
E-R-IC (author)  ikoda6 years ago
hold it really close to the lace
i learnt how to do this i think you can find a video somewhere on youtube how to do this, its like a life trick, really i like how you put this on instructables.
E-R-IC (author)  littlesamurai6 years ago
8bit6 years ago
Maybe an illustration for clarity?
E-R-IC (author)  8bit6 years ago
should i add a video?
8bit E-R-IC6 years ago
donaldh6 years ago
Maybe it's the fact I thought myself to knit this week, but I managed to tie my shoes this way, after looking carefully at the pictures, no problem. Holding is indeed crucial. Look very closely at the right and left hand in step one, and you'll see how the laces should go. Funny thing is that it does not matter which way the shoe faces for this to work, so to tie your own shoes is just as simple. Thanks for the great trick!
E-R-IC (author)  donaldh6 years ago
E-R-IC (author) 6 years ago
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You made that impossible >_<
E-R-IC (author)  JakeTobak6 years ago
check my video's
ikoda6 years ago
How about making a video. It's hard to tell with just pictures.
E-R-IC (author)  ikoda6 years ago
ok, check in soon
redsox319776 years ago
I tie my shoes once and that is when I first buy them
You're pictures need to be redone, having not done this before, its impossible to see what you are doing
CaseyCase6 years ago
I leave my shoes tied--just slip 'em on or off. I do it out of sheer lazyness.