I have made this Instructable to go hand in hand with this Instructable to prove that yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a good picture is worth far more.

So this is simply just a pictorial Instructable with nearly no words.

Step 1: Make a Loop

Step 2: The Rabbit Comes Up Throught the Hole

I could never understand the whole " the rabbit..." instruction. It wasn't until I saw how it was done without verbal instructions that I actually understood it. Oh and twenty years under the bridge.

Step 3: ...you Get the Picture

Step 4: Start to Dress the Knot

Step 5: Now It Looks Like a Knot!

Easy knot
another thing when using in situations where safety is important (climbing or over head lifting) a keeper knot is recommended.
The rabbit comes out of the hole, around the tree and back into the hole. <br><br> The bowline is invaluble knot when done properly (as shown), I use it daily in my work strong, safe, easy to untie, I use it to haul items and cable hundreds of feet in the air with no issues. <br><br> The bowline tied improperly (an outside bowline where the tail lies on the outside of the knot) has a leaning to unrolling going over an edge, It is important to keep it tied properly!<br><br> Good job, nice instructable.

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