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My husbands car tire needed changing a couple of years back and the tires were still lying around...I saw  this on Instructables :-D and thought hmmm...there are possibilities :-) ...but i wanted it much simpler .. and I didn't want it to be obvious that it's a  tire. I wanted it to look sooooo good that people would think I bought it from a store :-)...and perhaps ask me where I bought it from...else how can I  show off my transformation! :-D

But if you want Redneck....
According to the DIY Redneck Guide It needs to look and have  "The glorious absence of sophistication"
So I'll show you how :-)

I have put up plenty of pictures with instructions on them...so if you like a quick look without reading the whole instructable...you can follow the steps in the pictures. If you like it...and want to try it...you can read it at your leisure :-) .

Step 1: Things you would need!

Picture of Things you would need!
Tires! yes... we are going to give them a new life
nuts and bolt
1/2" thick ply wood.
sponge for cusioning
wheels - 4 per ottoman/ table
and a willingness to work hard :-)
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deadsystem1 year ago

when the kids are playing on these do you have a problem with them trying to collapse, or did i miss the inside support?

shazni (author)  deadsystem1 year ago

Below is the link for the type of tires you have. Hope it helps.


Sorry I didn't have time to upload it ear

shazni (author)  deadsystem1 year ago

I guess you have got a tire that is not so hard. My tires were very hard. I think they call it low profile tires. I got a couple of tires like the one you mentioned.

You have 2 options.

1. Make the seat circle larger so that its about 1" less than the outer circumference of the tire. There by giving the seat more support. In such tires having the seat about the size of the rim is not a good idea. I know as I'm working on such tires now for a project.

2. Glue 4 dowels between the 2 rims of the tires. You could also nail the supports.

Let me know how it goes. :-) I really want to know :-)

this is awesome very beautiful idea
shazni (author)  Faroukchoudary1 year ago

Thank you :-)

polocub11 year ago
Super duper awesome idea!!
shazni (author)  polocub11 year ago

Thank you so much :-)

L72 years ago
Must make this
shazni (author)  L72 years ago
please do :-)..when you do...I would love to see pictures of it too!
vaycon2 years ago
good job :)
shazni (author)  vaycon2 years ago
Thank you very much :-)
mimsathome2 years ago
This is terrific. My only question is this: what about that rubber smell that comes with tires? Were you able to get rid of it? If so how? Or is it not an issue?
shazni (author)  mimsathome2 years ago
These are very old tires....so they don't have the rubber smell...however...if you wash well ...I used dishwasher liquid...and remove grease...there would be no smell...
if there were....my husband would have surely mentioned it! haha
dbooker32 years ago
Love your version better!
You did an awesome job!
shazni (author)  dbooker32 years ago
Thanks loads! ;-)
kaaaazmi2 years ago
Great, you are in the finals again...Wish you all the best . Hope you Win the Grand Price Here too.
shazni (author)  kaaaazmi2 years ago
hmm..I'm not sure about that :-) I thought you can only win 1 Grand Prize... Thanks anyway
dozer7892 years ago
Congratulations on winning 1st place in the Redneck Contest!! Nice instructable too!!
shazni (author)  dozer7892 years ago
Thanks a lot!
HollyMann2 years ago
Wow I didn't realize this was a grand prize winner - you totally deserve it!!!
shazni (author)  HollyMann2 years ago
Thanks! Now I have to hope we win the ipad in the holiday contest! :-D
looks like we're both finalists! I hope you win again! It would be fun to have an ipad or win anything for that matter! :) So you can win multiple times with one instructable? Just confused about that...:)
Keithr6062 years ago
Now you can make them and sell them. Great idea.
shazni (author)  Keithr6062 years ago
Thanks! yes....I plane on doing it...also I plan on making some for my mom too ...as I have done for my Mom-in-law :-)
love love love it
shazni (author)  countrysister Deb2 years ago
Thanks!..so do I! hey please don't forget to vote for the other 2 contest if you like it ...pretty please...I would like my kids dreams to come true too :-)
HollyMann2 years ago
These are absolutely amazing...you are so creative..I love them!!
shazni (author)  HollyMann2 years ago
Thanks! I love the fact that I got furniture for my home and and I got a prize from instructable for it too!! That is like sooo fantastic!
flyingpuppy2 years ago
This is one of the most practical instructables I've ever seen. It ought to be posted at every tire dump site in the country. Very good use of that noggin! And congrats on the prize.
shazni (author)  flyingpuppy2 years ago
Thanks! I love my prize :-D...just hope my kids dreams are realized in the holiday contest too!
eyesee2 years ago
shazni (author)  eyesee2 years ago
Your Welcome :-)
786Ayesha2 years ago
Congrats.You deserve the grand price.
shazni (author)  786Ayesha2 years ago
Thanks! I'm so honored to be the Grand prize winner with all the excellent entries....my mouth literally dropped open when I saw the winners :-D
Very cool!

shazni (author)  GorillazMiko2 years ago
Thanks! ;-)
Cavechild2 years ago
These are fantastic, I may try and make some outdoor versions for summer :)
shazni (author)  Cavechild2 years ago
Cool! Looking forward to seeing pictures of it :-> !
mygibzone2 years ago
Oh WOW! I really love this! I never would have thought a tire could be home decor! Great job, very creative!
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