Picture of Tig Rod Feeder (Bin Wall Challenge)
I've been learning to TIG weld and one of the tricky parts to master is feeding the filler rod with my non-dominant hand.  It's been a while since I've done the challenge, so I thought I'd see what I could rustle up in way of an automatic rod feeder using just components from the TechShop bin wall.

Step 1: Raid the Bin Wall

Picture of Raid the Bin Wall
For you non-TechShop members, the bin wall is a library of broken junk, odds and ends, and random components donated by and available to general use.  The Bin Wall Challenge, hereby designated, is to see what you can jury rig together without resorting to outside sources.
rastro1233 months ago

As an experienced welder of all processes I see this as total waste of time and effort. But, don't beleive me, just ask any welder.

im so confused what does this do?

justjake2 years ago
TS Detroit needs to get on this bin wall thing!
Flenters2 years ago
Great ibble. This will make life so much easier. TIg welding with the ease of MIG welding.
studleylee2 years ago
rimar20002 years ago