Tigerbalm Tealight / Lantern





Introduction: Tigerbalm Tealight / Lantern

This project came about when I was looking for something nice to do with those great looking TigerBalm glass jars.

We need a used jar of Tigerbalm and a tealight, which is like an LED candle. Most of them flicker like a real candle.

Step 1:

Study the picture!
Once we take out the innards of the tealight, we need to make a new battery holder because the holder in the tealight will usually be too big for the tigerbalm jar.
For this, take a soft piece of plastic (like the lid of a Pringles tube) and cut a rectangle - about twice the diameter of your battery. Fold the plastic around the battery and figure out the best places to put 2 holes which will allow the positive and negative wires to make contact with the 2 different sides of the battery.
You cant see it in the image, but I have threaded stripped wire through the holes and also tinned them to keep the ends of the wire together. To keep the wire in place, I have added a little hot glue to the point where the wire enters the hole.
Finally I wrapped an elastic band around the battery holder to keep the contact together.

You can now test the circuit. If it doesn't light up, check to see if the battery is the right way.

Step 2:

Now all there's left to do is drop the innards into the jar. I recommend the switch be near the top so its easier to switch on and off.

You can stand the jar on its head or on its side to get the desired lighting effect. You can also leave the lid on or off.



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huh. cool idea! it'll take me a while but I'm so making this when i finish my jar of Tigerbalm.

. Nice job. The only suggestion I have is adding a video. Oh, and you misspelled "innards"

. With two "n"s. You only have one at the beginning of step 1.

Thanks NachoMahma, you rock! It is now corrected. I was looking at step 2 originally.