Introduction: Tight Fishtail Knott Braclet With Shoe Laces

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Step 1: Method

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Start doing the laces in this method all the way until there is an Inch left of shoelace on the ends

Step 2: Rubber Band Tie Ends

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Get both ends of the bracelet and pull the together and tie

Step 3: Done!!!

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And that's about it it's seems hard but once u get the hang of it it's like riding a bike enjoy!


nuthara (author)2015-04-30


ehauss (author)2014-01-05

That's looks cool

guss3 (author)2013-12-31

I've never seen anything this cool and simple thanks!

caylen2528 (author)2013-12-29

You do the first part which is easy and u hold the other side tight and go I. And out the middle of the shoelace like your sewing then u get the other shoelace and to the same thing but tuck under other loops u made and then keep tightening until the ends hope that helped @newell jalynn

Newell_Jalynn (author)2013-12-29

i didnt understand

mincraftlover12345 (author)2013-12-29

Thanks for sharing its really cool I'm gonna try it

cassidyg123 (author)2013-12-28

I love this thanks!!!!

darren_love123456789 (author)2013-12-28

I made this today it is totally awesome and simple thanks for sharing!!!

craftysassygirl1 (author)2013-12-28


bacon_boy123 (author)2013-12-28

That's a great idea goo job

taytay21 (author)2013-12-28


spencer_pack1 (author)2013-12-28

That's awesome I'm gonna try that

gagapoo21 (author)2013-12-28

Amazing work

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