Tight Spaces and Detail Sanding Tool





Introduction: Tight Spaces and Detail Sanding Tool

Have you ever ended up in a situation where it is nearest impossible to reach using an electric sander?

Hurt your fingers when trying to sand the toughest and tightest spots?

remove too much of the workpiece due to little control of electric sander?

I have ....

I needed a tool that was small, handy and easy to work with.
This is my approach to make that sanding tool.

Step 1: Parts You Need:

What you need for the tool:

1 *1 set of the 3D printed parts

2 *1 piece M4 HEX head bolt 50 mm long

3 *1 piece M4 nut


If you dont have an M4 HEX head 50 mm long bolt, you can use a thread rod with M4 locknut. Same length applies with threaded rod (50mm)

Step 2: 3D Print a Set of Tool Parts:

I used ABS filament when I made the 3D printed parts.

* Note: I do not see any reason why other materials should not be used.

Recommended 3D printer settings:

2 mm top and bottom layer thickness

2 mm wall thickness

0.2mm layer thickness

25% in fill

Step 3: Assembling Tight Spaces and Detail Sanding Tool.

step 1:

Install the M4 lock nut on the threaded rod.
(If M4x50 hex head is used, you can skip this step)

step 2:

Install the M4 nut into the nut trap on 3D printed part.

step 3:

insert threaded rod assembly through tight spaces and detail sanding tool thumbwheel.

Then slide through the hole that goes through tight spaces and detail sanding tool wedge.

Then slide through the hole leading into the nut trap in Tight spaces and detail sanding tool body. Rotate the Tight spaces and detail sanding tool thumb wheel so that the threaded rod engages with M4 nut located in nut trap.

It is now ready to find sand paper and start sanding.

Step 4: Preparing Sandpaper:

Locate the desired sandpaper and mark width and length with a marker on sand paper. Use a knife or scissors that you are not afraid will be blunt.

Width = 2.4 CM x length 20.5 CM

Step 5:

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This is a great idea. Very nice little design too. Thanks for sharing the print files!

Thank you for your great feedback! My goal was to make it as small as possible without sacrificing usability. It's fun to make something that works and be able to share it with others. It is my pleasure to share the STL files :)

i really like these tool im going to make one for my self

Thank you for your great feedback! I really appreciate it since this is my first instructable. Fun to hear that you will make one yourself.

I've used this tool more than I had thought. A great tool two have in my tool collection.