Tightening Vacuum Handle





Introduction: Tightening Vacuum Handle

If your vacuum is not working and the handle is loose, the terminal connection may have come loose and is preventing it from turning on.

Step 1: Remove the Vacuum Handle

Locate and remove the mounting screw from the base of the handle.

Step 2: Inspect the Terminal Connections

When terminals become loose, the electricity arks through the air between the terminals. This makes heat and can potentially melt the plastic housing and terminals.

Step 3: Note Wear or Damage

The right plug if this terminal has been arcing and has partially scorched the plastic housing. Look for the brown lines visible in this picture on the white housing plugs.

Step 4: Assemble the Handle

Slide the handle into the channel of the vacuum body. Thread the screw into its channel and tighten.

Step 5: Turn on and Check for Proper Fumction

Turn on the vacuum by pressing the power switch to on. Of the vacuum powers on, the terminals are functioning and the handle should not wiggle or wobble.



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