Tiki Head Table Legs





Introduction: Tiki Head Table Legs

I got sick of having cinder blocks for legs on my coffee table so i decided to make simple tiki heads out of paper mache to cover them up.
i just used a 1 to 1 ratio of water to flour for the mixture, and instead of the typical strips of news paper, i shredded it up so i could shape the details more easily, then i covered it with the strips so it would be smooth and easier to paint.
paper mache gets moldy really easily so i had to make sure and wait till it was completely dry before moving from one step to the next, which makes it stronger too. since i made two i could basically work on one while the other was drying for the most part.
its still pretty easy to see that its not real wood, but with the detail it looks more like plastic than paper mache which i think is not as bad... one of these days i will switch it for real wood.



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    Real cool!! I like the board idea also. What would the cost be for the board.

    you can find them at pawn shops for around $200, but i got mine for free from a friend because it was trashed...

    I like this very much! That is really cool.