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Whether it's hot or cold outside, or even in between, you can still have an outdoor party with Tiki-torches.

The materials you'll need are:
- Some twine or thin rope
- One glass bottle which fits loosely inside one plastic bottle
- One long stick, dowel, sapling or thin tree branch (about 1in/2.5cm in Diameter and at least 3ft/1m long)
- Oil (any kind will do)
- Some cotton
- Reeds, long grasses or possibly pliable branches 
- The foil casing from a used Tea Candle 

The tools you'll need are:
- (maybe) a pair of scissors
- A knife

Step 1: Whittle me tinder.

Picture of Whittle me tinder.
Carve away at your long stick, dowel, sapling or thin tree branch so that the plastic bottle fits tightly onto one end.
mkslocomb1 year ago

Question: instead of using a tea lite tin, do you think it would work with tin foil? or a couple of layers of tin foil?

ladybozarth2 years ago
This is a great idea; not only cost effective but definitely looks so much better than some store bought tiki; kudos!! Can't wait to attempt my making one!!
Depending on the ignition point of the oil.
Different oils will work worse or better depending on it.
baby oil probably wouldn't work as well as olive oil or Vegetable oil.