Whether it's hot or cold outside, or even in between, you can still have an outdoor party with Tiki-torches.

The materials you'll need are:
- Some twine or thin rope
- One glass bottle which fits loosely inside one plastic bottle
- One long stick, dowel, sapling or thin tree branch (about 1in/2.5cm in Diameter and at least 3ft/1m long)
- Oil (any kind will do)
- Some cotton
- Reeds, long grasses or possibly pliable branches 
- The foil casing from a used Tea Candle 

The tools you'll need are:
- (maybe) a pair of scissors
- A knife

Step 1: Whittle Me Tinder.

Carve away at your long stick, dowel, sapling or thin tree branch so that the plastic bottle fits tightly onto one end.
<p>Replace the plastic bottle with a new style aluminum bottle can or use a tin can and punch a hole in center of the bottom of the can and use a washer and a screw it to your &quot;pole&quot; and use a bottle with a screw on top </p>
<p>Question: instead of using a tea lite tin, do you think it would work with tin foil? or a couple of layers of tin foil?</p>
This is a great idea; not only cost effective but definitely looks so much better than some store bought tiki; kudos!! Can't wait to attempt my making one!!
Depending on the ignition point of the oil. <br>Different oils will work worse or better depending on it. <br>baby oil probably wouldn't work as well as olive oil or Vegetable oil. <br>

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