Tiko-Bot , is a simple robot Powered by arduino microcontroller and can be controlled by bluetooth.
can you swap the arduino for picaxe or something?
<p>sure you can</p>
Yes you can.<br>
is picaxe and arduino the same? What do you prefer for these types of robots?
<p>I prefer arduino .</p>
I have never used pixace but I think that they are both simmilar apart from the programing. I chose arduino because of the online enviroment and i find that arduino is more common but it is up to you to make up your mind.
hmm... i would love an I'ble of this... oh well. Great Project anyway!
<p>Thanks , I will</p>
where did you bought the kit ??? <br>any link please <br>cost??
<p>you can use an old toy</p>
Very cool... This robotic base can be used with my robot I'ble! 5/5*
<p>Thanks :)</p>

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