Picture of Tile portraits

First and foremost, I would like to give credit to the following instructable for inspiring this project:

This project will take images and transform them into a one of a kind recycled tile art work.  This is a gift for my mom for Christmas.  There is also a picture of one I made for my brother a few years ago (he is a pilot).
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Step 1: Gather material

Picture of Gather material
First you will need to gather the materials:

1x10 - 3 feet long
black paint
metal staples
3 tiles - I used 8x8 inch
Elmer's glue
Tissue paper

Safety glasses
Circular saw
Paint brush

Computer Req:

Step 2: Picture Time!

Picture of Picture Time!
Get your siblings to take portraits of themselves.  This could be the hardest part if your brothers and sisters are not cooperative.

Next, crop them in GIMP, a free graphics program for Linux and windows.  You can download it here:

You can use anything you like for editing the images, gimp is free though and easy to use.

After cropping, turn into a black and white image for a more artsy look.  You could also leave it in color, it's up to you.

Step 3: Print images

Picture of Print images
Now tape some tissue paper to a regular sheet of paper.  To make sure I was covering the right area, I first printed a quick draft on that same paper.  This made it easy to line up the tissue paper.  Now just print like normal.  Then cut the excess tissue paper off so you have a picture a little smaller than your tile.  Should look something like this:
jlepack4 months ago
This looks great!
What type of printer did you use?
Ink jet or laser?
Very cool. I love pictures but I have so many in plain frames that I sometimes forget other ways of showing them off. Thank you for the neat idea!