Introduction: Till Ke Laddoo

I was always wondering why Indian Desserts are so much in-demand in the entire world? After discovering few recipes and made it at home, I got my answer. It's the taste, it's the preparation method which is the game-changer.

The first ever recipe which I am sharing it with you is "Till Kee Laddoo" or you can call sweet balls made with sesame seeds.

Honestly, I have learned to prepare it by using some Indian YouTube channels where women's are sharing their recipes. So before going ahead, I suggest you to do the same and watch some videos. Read all my experience in next steps !

Step 1: Ingredients Require to Prepare Laddoo

Few of the Ingredients are available only and only in Indian markets such as Khoya (dried whole milk) and Boora (dry grainy powdered sugar), So make sure some Indian super markets are near to your place where you can buy this sort of dairy products.

Main Ingredients require:

  • Khoya (dried white milk)
  • Roasted white Sesame seeds
  • Dry grainy powdered sugar. (Boora/Tagar)
  • Cardamom powder
  • Sliced almonds and cashew.

Step 2: How to Prepare

Picture of How to Prepare
  • Roast Sesame seeds.
  • Grind half sesame seeds and do it just 1 round.
  • Mix it with remaining half sesame seeds.
  • Add Boora, khoya, cashew nuts, cardamom powder and almonds.
  • Mix it well.
  • Now the tough part comes, Pick a good quantity of that mix and try to make it round and round... !
  • If you succeed, then you will get something which shown in this attached picture.

Offer it to your friends and family members as a sweet snack. As per my experience, the most preferable time to eat Laddoo is after your dinner.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-01-22

That looks delicious. I am going to have to try to make these some time.

Oh yes, it was delicious. Share your thoughts after trying it !

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