I am entering the Epic Costume Contest with my hand made Corpse Bride costumes. I hope you enjoy!! Also, if you are interested in seeing more costume pictures, you can visit me on Instagram @daleonchase.

Step 1: Life Cast

 I made a lifecast of myself and girlfriend with alginate and plaster bandages. The final cast was done in urethane foam. Using the same process, I also made a copy of my girlfriend’s arm and leg, which was used to make the bones shown on Emily.
<p>Holy! This is unreal! I love it </p>
Awesome work!
wow this is amazing. thank you so much for sharing. just talent, amazing. i have barely words to explain how awesome this is. fantastic.
is the best Instructables about Tim Burton I've ever seen
They are so detailed! They look just like the movie.
Those are so incredibly like the movie!!! Everything is just perfect! Bravo :D
Cool, there to die for
Thanks!! much appreciated.
VERY well done! Great documentation as well!

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