Picture of Tim Burton
I am entering the Epic Costume Contest with my hand made Corpse Bride costumes. I hope you enjoy!! Also, if you are interested in seeing more costume pictures, you can visit me on Instagram @daleonchase.

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Step 1: Life cast

Picture of Life cast
 I made a lifecast of myself and girlfriend with alginate and plaster bandages. The final cast was done in urethane foam. Using the same process, I also made a copy of my girlfriend’s arm and leg, which was used to make the bones shown on Emily.

Step 2: The Sculpture

Picture of The Sculpture
WED clay (Walter Elias Disney Clay) was used to sculpt Victor and Emily on our foam life casts. It’s a great water-based clay that does not dry out as quickly. This ensured a perfect fit for the masks. The masks were covered in crystal clear matte finish to seal the sculpture and prep for molding.

Step 3: Mold Making

Picture of Mold Making
photo 5(1).JPG
A mold of the sculpture was taken using a brush on silicone rubber and a plastic resin to support it. When demolding, the clay is thrown out and the mold is prepped for the final casting.

Step 4: The first casting

Picture of The first casting
Resin was roto-casted by hand (good shoulder workout). Both full head masks were cut in half and mini magnets were epoxied on the inside to hold them together when wearing it.

Step 5: It's time to paint

Picture of It's time to paint
Eye holes were cut out and replaced with Buckram fabric. Both masks were then airbrushed and minor details added.

Step 6: Progress

Picture of Progress

Step 7: Costume continues

Picture of Costume continues
Painted jacket and vest. Spandex gloves were sown to show elongated fingers. Tie was made in latex to make it look more cartoon-like.

Step 8: The Dress

Picture of The Dress
A bed sheet was sowed to a corset. I added latex ribs, pearls, rubber swirls (latex + blue acrylic paint drawn on with a squeeze bottle). I then airbrushed the dress and used an aqua blue leotard underneath it.

Step 9: The Veil

Picture of The Veil
I attached flowers and rubber swirls to fabric then cut out the pattern and airbrushed dark blue shadows. Flower crown was made and zip tied to the rubber part of the veil.
mmmontano1 year ago
pcgirl1 year ago
Awesome work!
wow this is amazing. thank you so much for sharing. just talent, amazing. i have barely words to explain how awesome this is. fantastic.
is the best Instructables about Tim Burton I've ever seen
rrkrose2 years ago
They are so detailed! They look just like the movie.
Those are so incredibly like the movie!!! Everything is just perfect! Bravo :D
J-Five2 years ago
Cool, there to die for
Shamps (author) 2 years ago
Thanks!! much appreciated.
poofrabbit2 years ago
VERY well done! Great documentation as well!