This costume was inspired by Tim Burton's Film "Nine".  There were alot of workarounds to make this costume, so measurements should be used as a guide. Also, it was made based on my body measurements. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what process I went thru to create your costume and you can modify it to fit your needs.

Step 1: Tim Burton Nine Costume Head: Head Base

1.  2in. width strips of newspaper
2. Tacky white glue.
3. large round party balloon bigger than your head. This will be the base used to create the head for your costume. It must be large enough to fit your head.
4. Something to suspend your balloon while you work on it. ( I used a camera tripod and string.)
5. A brush to spread the watered-down glue.
6. Lots of reference images of "Nine" front, side, top, views...
7. Hot Glue Gun
8. white base coat paint, Black, Reddish brown, copper and gold spray paint.
9. Lightweight plaster.
10. Fiberglass Resin
11. Sand paper
12. 1in foam brushes.
13. Lots of basic brown cardboard. (I used cardboard from boxes and packaging.
The card board should have 3 layers. 2 smooth sides and a middle with air pockets. See Fig.a. You can base the thickness of the cardboard on the part you are using it for. Make sure there isn’t any slick coating or labels on it. This can cause the paint or plaster from adhering to the cardboard.)
14. Compass with Xacto knife
15. Burlap cloth

(Size up your balloon)
1. Inflate the balloon to a size that can fit your head.

(Prep your balloon for papermache)
2. Once you have the size of your head, prepare your balloon to be coated with newspaper. Get your tripod and tie one end of the string to the top of the tripod and the other end to the balloon tip. The balloon will dangle as you place the papermache.

(Create your paper strips)
3. Get alot of newspaper and tear the paper into long strips about 1.5-2in thick.  Set the paper aside.

(Make your paste)
4. Get a bowl and mix the glue with water till you get a milky consistency.

(Apply the newspaper strips)

5. This process will take  some time and patience. Take one strip of newspaper and place it ontop of the balloon and paint on the glue that you made over the strip, coating the entire strip. Repeat this process with another strip of paper, but place it across the previous strip, in a criss-cross pattern. This is important to create a weave of newspaper that will hold together. Work your way around the knot of the balloon and cover the entire balloon.

6. Once it becomes half-way dry, coat the entire balloon again with the strips in a criss-cross weave pattern. You will repeat this step 4-6 times to give your  head a sturdy base. Once you are done let it completely dry. It should be sturdy and fairly hard.  Pop the balloon and you should be left with a hard  outer shell.

Awesome job, awesome movie, I was going to attempt this costume this year. You have my vote.
Great! I'd love to see how you made the staff and that giant zipper.
Wow, great costume!
Wow this looks wonderful! I really loved this movie and this looks so so so much like! Very nicely done!

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