I'm into movies and one thing you always need, are props. No matter what setting your in, you need something to film with. I recently saw how to make some props on IndyMogul.com, they are a great website for home movie's and specialFX. Basically what they did for their prop, was to get some material as a base, and then just put random stuff on it to look good and give it an extra...kick, shall we say? Anyways they made a flying droid, i on the other hand am not that fancy and decided to make this small bomb type device (WARNING- DEVICE DOES NOT ACTUALLY EXPLODE) however you should refrain from bringing int to school or any other public area such as a airport, ( you could get in trouble, or shot) So be smart when using props and only use them in areas that your using to film, and make sure people know what your doing.

Step 1: Materials

Materials List: - Really you can use anything for it, I just used random junk i found in my room and around the house that nobody needed anymore.

1 Old squirt gun - I only useed the "ball" water containg part of mine
1 Hot Glue Gun - the master of all "bonding" projects...besides ducktape of course
Spray Paint

What I used:
 Part of an old razor, the part that goes over the blades
Some rubber stoppers for who knows what
8 metal nuts, very small
Some wire for an added "realism"

great prop very sifi-ish

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