The amalgamation of four black felt-tip pens, a pencil, a fine-line pen and a procrastinating mind. Enjoy!

To all my subscribers, do you want more of these? I was thinking of perhaps drawing a dude weilding a bunch of k'nex weaponry, seeing as how the majority of my subbers are into that! What do you think? Leave a rating and a comment below, and consider subscribing to both my YouTube and Instructables accounts! :)

By your request, I did a k'nex gun speed art, clicky clicky, subscribe if you will too :D<br> <div class="media_embed"> <iframe frameborder="0" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/XVH5ReC6IoY?hd=1" width="560"></iframe></div>
Hey, great job! You've gotten a lot better in the past couple of years.
Thanks man, although I doubt I'll ever reach your Calibre :)
Honestly, you're at least as good as I was at your age. Although I didn't take art really seriously until I was 17, you could still pas me if you keep it up. Draw every day is my suggestion.
WOW! I wish i could draw like that. That's just awsome!!!!
Thanks :)
That's some crazy stuff Lowney! I just watched your knex gun one, it's great!
Thanks much :)
Your welcome!
Awesome! And you SHOULD do a guy wielding some knex guns or something :D
Haha yeah, I think I will do that :P, any suggestions? I'll probably do the BR18, ZKAR, SRv2 and maybe a few others?
umm, I dunno, your BAW would be cool too :P
Already drawn the pencil outline now :P Smaller than this one, only A3 size, it features 2 guys, and in total there are 2 BR18s, 2 SRv1s, a ZKAR and an AA Sniper :D
Sweet! Are you just going to show a picture of it when you're done, or are you going to make another video like this?
I made it and didn't think it good enough to post as its own instructable, therefore I'll just post it here :P Read the feature comment!
Another time lapse vid :D
cool i subscribed to you on youtube sub back please
I don't normally do &quot;sub4sub&quot;, But I'll check it out anyway in case I like it :P
Read the top comment :P
oh wrong person lol, that was meant for Seleziona XD
Yeah Im Famous! XD Great knex gun wielding guy.
Thanks, I was a little disappointed with how it turned out, the black/white balance is a bit off, but I learned that k'nex is super hard to draw XD
Ah ok
Great! Yeh do the knex gun wielding pic 5*
I accept this challenge.
wow awesome drawing skills!
Incredible :D
That's some pretty good drawing. Not meaning to brag but I can draw as good as you. Oh, BTW I would like to see what you could do about the part in the introduction. But no seriously, you can draw like a true artist. You have some talent in drawing, As do *cough cough* I. Lol.
Thanks lol :)
Oh yeah 5*s.

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