video Time Machine
Learn how to build a time machine! It's very easy ;)
Well if you actually go into the past to win something by cheating, then your future would be 10x changed and ruined.
jray032 years ago
does this actually work if so tell me how it just won't let me watch it
etopsirhc4 years ago
one problem, by sending back the winning number you anrt a millionaire , the you in an alternate reality caused by sending back the numbers is a millionaire , you are still broke . unless of course u actually got the numbers before you actually sent them
does work i need one to get to 1987. GUNS N ROSES HERE I COME
coolio55095 years ago
dude, you need to get a life
timheppner7 years ago
My time machine isn't as complicated as that. It's basically a cardboard box, that when you sit in it for 10 minutes, you walk out and *BAM* you're now 10 minutes into the future :-)
wow really I can't believe it !!!1!!
W00t? you should patent that before some one else does!
HaHa! LOST numbers!
Rickyrrr86 years ago
does that work? please respond
really? did you seriously just say that. wow you just made my day
tetlian (author)  newmariostar7 years ago
Ofcourse :) Just try :)
geeker6 years ago
that definately made time pass for me!
echelon4586 years ago
4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42! Let us know if you inherit a box company ;)
Sandisk1duo7 years ago
good if only... great animation BTW
Jackhole7 years ago
That was the best thing I've seen in a while. I might make one just for kicks
Badger_Man7 years ago
lol, cute....