Picture of Time Reversal Flip Book made with InDesign
Have you ever wished you had a rewind button for your life? These instructions will help you create a rewind flip book so you can reverse the irreversible.
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Step 1: Plan it out and take photos

Picture of Plan it out and take photos
Decide what you want to portray the rewinding of. For me it was a time when I cut my own bangs. Decide how you are going to act it out or represent it. Take plenty of photos because you will need about 30-40 usable ones for printing. If it is about yourself, you may want to consider having a friend take the photos for you. When my friend took the photos for me, I first tried acting it out at a normal speed while she shot it in "Sports mode." But, there were long pauses in-between groups of photos, so we ended up shooting it photo by photo while I acted it out in slow motion.

Step 2: Upload and Choose

Picture of Upload and Choose
Upload your photos to your computer and choose 30-40 that you would like to use and would help create a cohesive story.

Step 3: Create the flip book pages using Adobe InDesign

Picture of Create the flip book pages using Adobe InDesign
full page.png
Open a new document in InDesign.
Choose File, Place and then select the first photo for your flip book.
Once the photo has loaded in the cursor, Drag the cursor from the top left corner of the page down and to the right until you see a pink vertical line in the center of the document. Then release your mouse. The pink line shows the midway point in the document.
Now fill the rest of the page with photos, using the pink line as your guide.

Step 4: Make the file a PDF (optional)

Picture of Make the file a PDF (optional)
Make the document a PDF, by choosing File-Print then selecting Adobe PDF as the printer.
This allows you to export the InDesign file as a PDF, for printing convenience.

Step 5: Print and Cut

Picture of Print and Cut
Print the paper on photo-paper or light-weight card stock.
Cut the photos apart carefully. You want all of the photos to stay the same size.

Step 6:

Picture of
Put the photos in the correct order so it looks like you are rewinding the moment. (which usually means putting the last photo taken in the front and working backwards in time from there).
shishnit3 years ago
Yes please, video!
alglo13 years ago
should have made a video to show it working!
boodah alglo13 years ago
Also agree. Video.
Agreed. Put a video!
simplebeep3 years ago
Hey, nice topic!

It's cool that you use InDesign for this process. I'm a downright InDesign junkie, and I'd never think to do something like this using other software. However, it does have a steep learning curve and a substantial price tag, so maybe it'd be worth mentioning some of the other ways to print out multiple pictures on one page---like Photoshop or the Gimp. Even some of the more consumer-level photo applications have multiple-photo printing functions (though it is more difficult to smash frames right up against each other).
BtheBike3 years ago
FLip the script on Video Mang !
Instead of a video, how about a GIF???
something like in this instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/Flamethrowing-Jack-O-Lantern/
dagob3 years ago
A very nice idea, do you plan to add a video?
i created one of these flip books a few months ago from a video recording of my cat (i took screenshots of the video), and i agree with the other people, a video would be awesome!
mckeephoto3 years ago
Way cool instructable. Definitely could use a vid for that final sparkle.
randofo3 years ago
Cool project! Video...?