Picture of Time Reversal Flip Book made with InDesign
Have you ever wished you had a rewind button for your life? These instructions will help you create a rewind flip book so you can reverse the irreversible.

Step 1: Plan it out and take photos

Picture of Plan it out and take photos
Decide what you want to portray the rewinding of. For me it was a time when I cut my own bangs. Decide how you are going to act it out or represent it. Take plenty of photos because you will need about 30-40 usable ones for printing. If it is about yourself, you may want to consider having a friend take the photos for you. When my friend took the photos for me, I first tried acting it out at a normal speed while she shot it in "Sports mode." But, there were long pauses in-between groups of photos, so we ended up shooting it photo by photo while I acted it out in slow motion.
shishnit3 years ago
Yes please, video!
alglo13 years ago
should have made a video to show it working!
boodah alglo13 years ago
Also agree. Video.
Agreed. Put a video!
simplebeep3 years ago
Hey, nice topic!

It's cool that you use InDesign for this process. I'm a downright InDesign junkie, and I'd never think to do something like this using other software. However, it does have a steep learning curve and a substantial price tag, so maybe it'd be worth mentioning some of the other ways to print out multiple pictures on one page---like Photoshop or the Gimp. Even some of the more consumer-level photo applications have multiple-photo printing functions (though it is more difficult to smash frames right up against each other).
BtheBike3 years ago
FLip the script on Video Mang !
Instead of a video, how about a GIF???
something like in this instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/Flamethrowing-Jack-O-Lantern/
dagob3 years ago
A very nice idea, do you plan to add a video?
i created one of these flip books a few months ago from a video recording of my cat (i took screenshots of the video), and i agree with the other people, a video would be awesome!
mckeephoto3 years ago
Way cool instructable. Definitely could use a vid for that final sparkle.
randofo3 years ago
Cool project! Video...?