<p>I've been looking at your awesome instructable for quite some time and have finally decided to build one of my own but using a slightly different approach!<br>Here is the link the the instructable I made :https://www.instructables.com/id/Making-a-Fully-Welded-Geodesic-Sphere/</p>
<p>Hi, this is really cool!</p><p>Just a few questions:</p><p>-What kind of wire did you use?</p><p>-And what was your dome radius?</p>
<p>Good Instructable! Thank you!</p>
A few things I can't get straight: <br>- The curled wire, how to get it straight!? <br> <br>Would be cool it if wasn't just a picture, but also an instructable! :)
Outstanding work! Very well done! Worthy of a goldsmith!
How did you solder the wires together? I find soldering to thick gauge wire a pain straight up where the sun don't shine!
How do you straighten out the wire???&nbsp; What is the size of the pieces of straightened wire?&nbsp; What is the spacing of the template parallel lines?<br /> Great photos!<br />
To straighten the wire I used a drill. Just twist about ten seconds or until it gets straight.<br /> <br /> For the construction, here is a <a href="http://www.desertdomes.com/domecalc.html">dome calculator</a>. Just set the dome radius and the calc will give you the size of the pieces.<br /> <br /> I hope you enjoy it.<br />

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