Time + Wire = Geodesic Dome!!!





Introduction: Time + Wire = Geodesic Dome!!!



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I've been looking at your awesome instructable for quite some time and have finally decided to build one of my own but using a slightly different approach!
Here is the link the the instructable I made :https://www.instructables.com/id/Making-a-Fully-Welded-Geodesic-Sphere/

Hi, this is really cool!

Just a few questions:

-What kind of wire did you use?

-And what was your dome radius?

A few things I can't get straight:
- The curled wire, how to get it straight!?

Would be cool it if wasn't just a picture, but also an instructable! :)

Outstanding work! Very well done! Worthy of a goldsmith!

How did you solder the wires together? I find soldering to thick gauge wire a pain straight up where the sun don't shine!

How do you straighten out the wire???  What is the size of the pieces of straightened wire?  What is the spacing of the template parallel lines?
Great photos!

To straighten the wire I used a drill. Just twist about ten seconds or until it gets straight.

For the construction, here is a dome calculator. Just set the dome radius and the calc will give you the size of the pieces.

I hope you enjoy it.