In this little 'ible Ill show you how to use your webcam as a timelapse photography device for... well just about anything.

The program Ill be using to control the cam whilst im away, is called Flix, theres a demo out there on the website.



On to the how-to

**Sorry for the BW pictures, my IR camera wont go back to being a regular camera**

Step 1: Gather Hither and Bring Your Materials!

What you are going to need is this:
A webcam (1st image) *
A scene (2nd)
Flix 3.3 (3rd)
Time (4th)

  • Make sure you have your webcam drivers installed.
You can use .. omg.. I just saw the date, i'm pretty late, by years, but still for people wanting to know - you can use Yawcam, it's amazing and it's free. You need to install it, of course, then you can set intervals to shots, after youv'e got your pictures taken, you can then convert it into a movie by using the same software. Movies are mad in .mov format (works with VLC). It's also got motion detection (infrared) and live streaming. I've used it for many of my time lapse projects and it's not bad at all, besides no watermarking or licensing issue.
Yawcam is like death on a stick, it saves images every 10 seconds but each image is a duplicate. It is as if it takes the first image and just copies it.
LOL! Time to get up!
What codec are you using for the AVI's?
well i like this<sup>im downloading it right now</sup><br/>
I tried it very briefly (only a 2 second video) but on the picture screen when you click START and all the pictures in the folder and the video are all black. Do you have to buy it? I saw the "shutter" flashing 'cause I saw the watermark popping up every ten seconds.
That happened to me too, try changing to codec to the divx one.
It's still black on the frame viewing window and when I change to the Divx codec its says license required and puts it in .avi format (which is a black movie)
I know this is a response to a old comment but I had that same problem. I found out that you cant run the camera preview and try to run Flix at the same time. Run Flix with out the camera preview.
I use Dorgem to control my webcam. It does motion detection too.
For OS X, there's a great open-source app called Gawker that does the same thing.
Cool! I am trying this tonight! Doc

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