Step 13: Possible updates/improvements

Picture of Possible updates/improvements

I have some updates for this clock that should be posted if I can get them to work...

v1.1 - AM/PM time using a decimal and apostrophe on display

v1.2 - Adding buttons to set time

v1.3 - Blinky colon support, will blink the colon every second (like some clocks)
UPDATE! Blinky colon support (read through code to see how)

v1.4 - 24 hour clock configuration
UPDATE! 24 hour clock supported. Read code for details

v1.6 - Possible seconds addition, using another 2 digits, making it a 6 digit display

v1.8 - RTC support (I have a DS1307 clock chip on order, as well as the needed extra components to get it to work, but it will take me a while to get it and make it work) This will (hopefully) eliminate the timing problems (the display goes a bit fast, testing to try to lessen the effect)

another few updates would maybe include common cathode display support, thus eliminating the need for a specific display, and adding an alarm and snooze.