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In this instructable I will show you how to make an endless timer. I came up with this idea while coming home from vacation and now I am sharing it to all of you on instructables. This program is a simple idea but the coding for it took a lot of trial and error. Hope yall enjoy this little program, and I don't have to put up any warnings for this program :)!!!

Step 1: Coding the Program

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@echo off

color 0c

setlocal delayexpansion


@mode con cols=20 lines=2


goto time3

set tim=0

set tim1=0

set tim2=0

set tim3=0


set /a tim=%tim%+1

set tim1=0

set tim2=0

set tim3=0

goto time3


set /a tim1=%tim1%+1

If %tim1%==60 goto time

set tim2=0

set tim3=0 goto time3


set /a tim2=%tim2%+1

if %tim2%==60 goto time1

set tim3=0 goto time3



set /a tim3=%tim3%+1

if %tim3%==60 goto time2

echo %tim% : %tim1% : %tim2% : %tim3%

ping localhost -n 1 >nul

goto time3

Step 2: Finished Product

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EvolvedAwesome (author)2015-04-15

Cool, some good use of bash to achieve something.

I agree. But do you mean, "Batch"? You said, "bash".

Yeah, lol :) Bash Script is Mac. I meant batch :P

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