With Christmas coming up, I decided that it would be a good time to upgrade that run-of-the-mill timer that I used last year. So here is my timer!

Why? Because I was shopping at walmart and noticed they had timers on sale so I picked some up, and decided to use one for this. It also gives the added benefit of having a GFCI for extra protection of your outside lights and helps protect in the event of a short of your lights.

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any of you killing and/or hurting yourself or others while attempting this project. This should only be done by someone with some experience in electronics.

Step 1: Parts & Tools

I got all my parts at Walmart and Home Depot.

You will need:

1X Digital Timer ($17.94)
1X GFCI ($14.99)
1X Outlet Cover ($2.59)
1X Outlet Box ($2.09)
2X Romex Clamp (bag of 5 $1.69)
1X 40 FT Extension Cord ($7.78)
2X Wire Nuts (my timer had several in it) ($0.00)

TOTAL: $47.08


Wire Cutters
Good use of timer. For your next AC power control project, please take a look at: <br>A nice and safe alternative is to use a Wattstopper power unit which is UL approved, has zero voltage switching and as a bonus has DC output at about 150 mA to power your controller. One such unit (B-120 EP) is available from Amazon for about $15. - Enjoy.
Circuit diagram
would you be able to add a diagram of how the electrics are wired up? <br>
Nice ible. I have done similar for my lights as well. The set up you have currently would only be good for indoor use though. For outdoor use you would want to use a weatherproof box with a cover to keep moisture out of the electronics.

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