Timers! I'm excited to finally be covering timers on my favorite board, the DP32!

Remember way back when I wrote about external interrupts? If you're not familiar with interrupts and how they work, I recommend checking that tutorial out first. External interrupts are useful if you want an event outside the board (like a button press or a communication signal) to trigger some special code that needs to execute quickly, but what if you want that special code to run repeatedly after a very precise time?

Well where time is concerned, timers reign supreme!

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to set up a timer, and connect an interrupt to it so it'll run over and over again after a very specific amount of time.

Let's get started!


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Step 1: What You'll Need

For this project all you'll need is a DP32, or one of Digilent's other boards, like the WF32 or uC32.

I'll be using a DP32, but I'll point out what changes need to be made for the other boards as we go along, so keep an eye out for those.

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