Introduction: Timer Lamp Made From Reused Materials

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Does your kid can't sleep at night without a light?

Does your electric bill rise?

Well, I found a simple solution.

You can now sleep at night without worrying about turning off your kid's lamp.

Let's make a "timer lamp".

Step 1: Prepare the Tools and Materials

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We're gonna need:

A drill

old yet, a working timer(from broken electric fans,oven toasters or washing machines)

super glue

Light bulb and socket


wires with a plug(from old extension cords or power supply cord)

flexiglass (optional) /old plastic bottles/tin cans

electrical tape

Note: It happened that i have some leftover flexiglass in our storeroom, but if you don't have one you can be creative and build other designs. What matters here is the timer.

Step 2: Build Your Lamp's Body

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Again, don't limit your lamp's design to this. You can be creative and resourceful for your lamps body.

In making my lamp's body, i used the flexiglass, superglue, drill and screws.

Step 3: Construct the Circuit

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It's just like a simple circuit. Composed of the voltage source, the bulb and socket and the switch but this time, we will use a timer switch. Use electrical tapes for connecting the circuit.

Step 4: Install the Circuit to Your Lamp

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First, find where you want to put your bulb. Then, the switch. I kind of made a mistake in installing my circuit because i put the switch below the bulb.

Step 5: Try Your Lamp

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After installing the circuit, test the lamp using the timer switch.

Step 6: Add Designs

For this material, the flexiglass, you may paint it with what art you desire.


marcmert (author)2014-08-20

Nice one kuya pao! (y)

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