Timmy Green, My Homebuilt Delta Recumbent Trike.





Introduction: Timmy Green, My Homebuilt Delta Recumbent Trike.

This is my Green & Lean HPV, (Human powered vehicle)
It is made from a combination of parts available at home right from used computer chair to a kid's outgrown bicycle.
The goal of this project is to promote Green Living in Malaysia to create the awareness of Global Warming caused by excessive noxious emissions and how we can do our part to help the Environment from further depleting through Cycling as one of our mode of Commute.      
 This HPV is designed with only 3 gearing system (initially and upgraded accordingly) for leisure Cruising, Hill climbing and  Down-hill riding. Gear ratios were specially selected for a most efficient use of our Human Power, roughly 1/8 of an Horsepower. 
Average speed attained with a cadence of 70 is 28km/hr distributing your weight evenly on a sponged seat ergonomically              position for a relaxed ride relieving pressure points on sensitive parts.
Apart from this it can also be used for muscles toning up & burning of Waste cholesterol as you pedal.

Step 1: Lighting

Lighting is supplied through a Solar Charger attached on the front fairing. It charges 2 AA rechargeable alkaline batteries during the day. A six hour exposure to the sun will supply lighting to a 0.5Watt high Intensity LED front light and a rear LED light for 10hrs continuous use.     

Step 2: Brakes

Brakes are Front: Hydraulic disc on Suspension Front Fork and Rear: Simple Y pull for simplicity.                   

Step 3: Steering

Steering is positioned at an ergonomic location turning like a normal bike without a Tiller effect swaying the handlebars. This is accomplished using timing gears and linking them using chain with a chain tensioner.  

Step 4: The Frame

                      Design of the frame is from a 20” Mountain bicycle frame extended using a 11/2” diameter pipe and reinforced with ¾” pipes between chain-stay to form a triangle  structure extending to the rear to take vertical and side twisting load when taking a sharp turn.The 3/4" tube between the bottom Triangle is for a Rider's weight exceeding 100kg and can be omitted if Rider is below 100kg.

Step 5: A 20” Front Wheel Combined With 2 Sets of 26” Wheel

             A 20” front wheel combined with 2 sets of 26” wheel for the rear is decided to have a low front and a 7” ground clearance from seat creating a low Crank position for ease of going up & down.                                 

Step 6: Only 1 Front Derailer

Only 1 Front Derailer is used for gear shifting on the front triple Chain ring with standard 24,36 & 44 teeth driving a standard 18 teeth Freewheel cog. A Rear Derailer is used midway to act as a Chain Tensioner. 
The Rear Axle is linked to the left Rear Wheel through a 1:1 Final Drive set up using 2 standard 18T Freewheel cogs. 
Another 18 teeth Freewheel is used on the Rear drive wheel. No Derailer is fitted to ease tire removal during puncture.
Rear brake is only on the Right rear wheel to evenise wear & tear of driving & stopping on opposite tires.

Step 7: How to Build the Drive Shaft

Take a look at a good quality Steel rear wheel hub.
Get 2 units of those and cut it at somewhere in the middle.
Get a a thick tube /pipe of similar diameter with the Outer diameter of the hub.
Mine was about 5/8" diameter and 12" in length.

Weld this tube extending the middle of 2 precut hubs .Ensure that it is cylindrical as possible.
(Note: Ensure that the threaded portion of the hub is used to screw in a Freewheel later).

Next Extend the Inner threaded shaft with similar diameter steel rod leaving 3/4" extending the outer hub race.
Put back all the bearings and tighten the hub cone to only move freely!
You have now extended a Hub cone assembly without affecting the fit & function.

Step 8: Seat Position

 Seat Position is premeasured and decided during frame length development to cater for a kid and an adult. It is made adjustable within this range.

Step 9:

A Givi 45 liters trunk box is fitted at the rear for luggage. A space of 12” from the back seat to the box is reserve for placement of batteries to convert it to a EV (Electrical Vehicle) should there be a need!

Step 10: Finally My Completed HPV, Timmy Green!

Finally my Completed HPV, Timmy Green! A green human powered Vehicle with a low Center of gravity capable of 45km/hr on a level terrain.  
Design & build by a Malaysian for Malaysia! Malaysia Bolih!
Im planning to cycle from Kedah to Johor covering 800kms from North to South in 10days to promote Green if I can get enough Sponsers.
My goal is to create awareness of Global Warming in Malaysia and to be the 1st Malaysian to cycle a homemade Recumbent promoting Green Living through Cycling as one of our commute to reduce Carbon Footprints!.                                                                                                                   

Step 11: Timothy Wooi, 20C,Taman Bahagia,06000,Jitra, Kedah, Malaysia. Emai: Timothywooi2@gmail.com Hp (Malaysia) 019 4514007

From the desk of Timothy Wooi, 20C,Taman Bahagia,06000,Jitra, Kedah, Malaysia.
Facebook: http:// facebook.com/timothywooi
Email: timothywooi2@gmail.com  (old email: timothywooi@gmail.com)
Hp (Malaysia) 019 4514007
 Timothy Wooi a Certified hands on TPM Lean Facilitator / Kaizen Specialist with 28 years of          working experience is also a DIY handyman who loves outdoor activities & adopt Green living.          He builds most of his stuff by recycling idle resources to eliminate waste and help conserve the environment He develops Tim’s Waterfuel, a HHO generator that suppliments gasoline usage in automobiles whilst producing cleaner emission towards a greener environment.

Step 12:



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    Where did you get the seat and springs from?

    Super design!!!

    What seat did you use?


    Hello mister Timothy Wooi,

    As I live in the most traffic jammed european city and as I'm also thinking about a more sustainable way of moving , some friend and I want start to work over a project of covered tricycle with electric assistance (because of the climate). In looking for some interesting ideas, I have been blowed away to discover your creation.
    That's really amazing ! Congratulation !

    Can you send me some information about this? I'm curious to know how much it has cost to you to build this? And how long? What are the size and the weight of your trike? You talked about a triple system of gear. Can you explain it to me? And finally, do you produce this trike and plan to sell it in Europe or only in Malaysia?

    I'm really happy to discover your work and wish you the best for your project.

    Kind regards


    Wow, this is truly well done. I've got a bunch of great old bikes under the house from when my brothers and I were growing up, they're just collecting dust these days. *chop here, weld there* I have an idea.. Thankyou very much Timmy for the idea and the steps, your trike looks much better than most $2500 Recumbent Trikes I see, and being home built, it's just even better! Good Job Mate, Worth 5 Stars

    very inspiring

    how long did it take to make your homebuilt delta recumbent trike?

    I took me about 2 weeks from design to spray paint.

    Where did you get this HHO kit from?

    I build it from my workshop using material available from hardware shop.
    It is retailed at RM470  per kit in Malaysia.