Picture of Timmy Green, my homebuilt Delta Recumbent Trike.
This is my Green & Lean HPV, (Human powered vehicle)
It is made from a combination of parts available at home right from used computer chair to a kid's outgrown bicycle.
The goal of this project is to promote Green Living in Malaysia to create the awareness of Global Warming caused by excessive noxious emissions and how we can do our part to help the Environment from further depleting through Cycling as one of our mode of Commute.      
 This HPV is designed with only 3 gearing system (initially and upgraded accordingly) for leisure Cruising, Hill climbing and  Down-hill riding. Gear ratios were specially selected for a most efficient use of our Human Power, roughly 1/8 of an Horsepower. 
Average speed attained with a cadence of 70 is 28km/hr distributing your weight evenly on a sponged seat ergonomically              position for a relaxed ride relieving pressure points on sensitive parts.
Apart from this it can also be used for muscles toning up & burning of Waste cholesterol as you pedal.

Step 1: Lighting

Picture of Lighting
Lighting is supplied through a Solar Charger attached on the front fairing. It charges 2 AA rechargeable alkaline batteries during the day. A six hour exposure to the sun will supply lighting to a 0.5Watt high Intensity LED front light and a rear LED light for 10hrs continuous use.     
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Timothy Wooi (author)  dwrenne5 years ago
Hi Dwrenne,
You can use to drive 2 wheels but needs more parts to build/fabricate. You will have slightly more pedalling resistance but get better traction in contra. 

As our average human power is only about 1/8hp! and to why I use only 1 wheel to drive is to reduce frictional & transmissional losses  as well as creating simplicity in design by using parts readiliy available/ cannibalise from existing bicycles.
After simulating driving 1 wheel,I found it is enough to add value so why 2 is my reason to be energy efficient.You can see that the rear brakes is on the opposite side and no brakes on the drive side is to evenise wear & tear of the tires!
I just incoperated a 6 speed cog as an improvement to the rear 18teeth as found it a bit tiring trying to climb a 10degree hill recently.
Ist, I must tell you that Im a Lean person,and applies Lean thinking into design.  Simplicity in design identifying minimum resourse to eliminate Waste incoperating Robustness and also choosing parts that is repairable (should it fail at the momment it shouldnt( is part of Lean thinking.
Attached some photos.
God bless,
you're a great man Tim, better than me because I gave up with HHO project after becoming bored with it, plus all the measurements were in inches and material availability seems better in USA (i'm UK) anyway while fuel savings are nobel I can't help but feel the "carbon" movement has been hijacked. for me I just want cheap energy for everybody without some "carbon saving" being attached. If we go down the "cap and trade" route for carbon then everybody will have an allowence and this leads to further micro-management. carbon "off setting" is the biggest green scam going today.

look into the pro's and con's of "cap and trade" to see where the carbon movement is going. carbon is nessecary for life! only the crettins managing carbon trusts and exchanges are just creating the next bubble, which ultimately will need bailing out, like banks only worse because the human cost will be uninmagionable.
Timothy Wooi (author)  hot-fresh-rider5 years ago
Dont worry buddy,
I will do my best to find time to write an instructable on how you can build a HHO generator using available materials at local hardware shops.Its basically a grade 316 S/Steel Spiral design HHO generator that Im trading to finance my Green projects..
All these materials were specially selected from local hardware around the globe to be user available!

Im still struggling between prototyping green gadgets,building bicycles,planning community work helping to build toilets in the interior and also trying to get sponsers to finance my ride to promote Green.
metqa5 years ago
Wow, Nice Bike. Too bad there are no instructions on how to actually build such a Awesomly cool ride. Guess I'll go check out the other instructables.  They don't look nearly as cool but I might at least learn how to make my own.

Cheers, and thanks for helping the planet.
Timothy Wooi (author)  metqa5 years ago
Hi metqa,
Im sorry I did not put in the details as this is my 1st Instructable write up and thought that people who visited this website have already basic knowledge of DIY and are able to take off from pictures attached.

Part of my job also to encourage Creative Thinking for change for the better & Creativity in design tweeking here and there to build things to suite their personal taste.
Im so sorry I have misuse this site.
Thousand appologies,
Neccesity is the mother of Inventions
Creativity is the Father of Solutions!-Timothy Wooi
Your first instructable? Well I have to say the best thing is you have lots of pictures and that is ALWAYS great.

I don't think you 'misused' the site, at all! :P, It's just that most expect some details of the process. Of course those who fix or repair bikes will have the advantage, but For the rest of us, or for me at least, I find I can often be creative in the process if I know what to do, but if I'm duplicating I try to be exact to get the same results the first time since I don't really know how it was done.

Maybe you could make another instructable with some details of the tools and supplies you chose and why you chose them, and such. Is welding involved? Do I need special tools or just a regular tool box? Did you buy all new supplies or recycle?  I really DO think your bike looks cool,

noel0leon5 years ago
Very clever frame, I see you used front forks to mount the rear tyres on. Would it be possible (while the frame is being constructed) to angle the forks to give the rear wheels some camber?
Or maybe even make them adjustable during riding?
Timothy Wooi (author)  noel0leon5 years ago
Yes,you can do that as an improvement to this basic design.
I use front fork in view of only Simplicity,Availability and recyclebility of materials utilising their metal properties to givesome minor flexes here & there within the acceptable limits.
Mine was set at negative 1deg before application of load and goes to 0 deg or nominal when simulated with an80kg load.
During cornering I have ome flexes giving me a plus minus 1deg both side which as I only hold down the inner fork arm.
This was adequate on most of the road & terrain I cycle!
Timothy Wooi (author) 5 years ago
Tks Buddy,
Going Green starts from Reduce,reuse & finally Recycle !
God bless,
Eromanga5 years ago
Sweet looking ride. Thanks for sharing.
onrust5 years ago
WOW!  Simple and elegant.  Love your use of material.
Gakki5 years ago
I was actually hoping you'd, y'know, show us how to build it.
Timothy Wooi (author)  Gakki5 years ago
Its quite simple if you look at the framework details which is actually a 20" mountain bike frames with extended tubes sized for your inseam as well as your kid's so that it has some adjustment to cater for all ages.
I design from scratch and hope that this pictures with some creativity can lead you to custome make one for yourself.
Should yo need any details on the fabrication,please feel free to contact me but I may not reply immediately as sometimes Im quite busy at my workshop prototyping new green stuffs.
God bless,
Gakki is right on this.  It is really cool, but you're basically just showing us the features of something you built, not actually showing us how to build it.  I don't want to be rude or negative, but this site is about teaching people to build/make things, not just showing what you have made.  Sorry if I sound like a jerk.  It is a neat little machine, though.
frollard5 years ago
Excellent project timothy!  I want to build similar, but delta with the 2 wheels in front.
Timothy Wooi (author)  frollard5 years ago
Tks buddy!
A Recumbent  tricycle with 2 wheels infront is called a Tadpole by configuration of shape to a tadpole.I somehow prefers the Delta,1 wheel infront followed by 2 wheels behind because of the handling,sleekness,leanness & is easier to build the steering assembly.Cheers,
Timmy Green!
Agreed - it makes the powertrain easier to build, but the steering is more complex.  When you analyze it the tadpole actually should corner better if it has a proper steering setup with leaning and toe-in.
Timothy Wooi (author)  frollard5 years ago
You are right,but you can improve handling drastically on a Delta by positioning your load to distribute almost equally on the 3 wheels.
This is acheived by moving your rear wheel far back or rather your weight towards the front and not directly sitting on the rear wheels.
I simulated this by positioning a 80kg load along the main tube and weighing the weight at all three wheels.Once an appproximate ballance is acheived,I then design the CG of the seat to be exactly on top of the equiload point!
Very smart! 

The trouble with any delta trike design is cornering (if you have any high center of gravity) tends to want the design to tip outwards.  With the steering wheels tilting inward they actually get more grip as the weight shifts to the outside, increasing stability.

In a bike scenario its rare you apply enough force to tip a delta - but thats why they took 'trike' atv's off the market - they tip too easily.

My goal this summer is to build and instructable an electric assist trike :D  Not dissimilar to this http://www.bicycleman.com/recumbents/trikes/sidewinder/images/Sidewinder-Sport-Z-tadpole-recumbent.jpg

I also want to experiment with elastic storage.  While stopped at a light you charge a large spring that is clutched to a ratchet for input and a ratchet for output to the wheels - you sit pedalling like normal, and you engage the spring when its time to move.  Thus, you avoid the problems of bikes having a slow start off the line.  Same spring could be used for regenerative braking with a clever clutch box - charge the spring to stop, change the orientation of the input/output and you can extract that same power back to the wheels to start moving again.
Timothy Wooi (author)  frollard5 years ago
A very good idea concept applied at the right time to synergise energy in a very productive & efficient manner!
You are a Gent!
Can incoperate a change over cog(just a derailer) to engage the spiral spring to crank up during down hilling! and use it during climbing hills  &start ups. 
Folow Nike slogan!
ANDY!5 years ago
i wanted to make one but dont have the tools and stuff.
Timothy Wooi (author)  ANDY!5 years ago
You need only a small Welding set and some basic welding skills or precut using hack saw and get someone who do fabrication work to weld it.All parts can be found from bicycle parts.
Timothy Wooi (author)  Timothy Wooi5 years ago
Neccessity is the Mother of Inventions &
Creativity is the Father of Solutions!-Timothy Wooi.
Nothing is Impossible, Impossible is Temporary ,Impossible is only in your mind!
Start playing with you Home Pedal Excercising machine and replace the Tension adjusting flywheel to a dynamo & transform you waste energy to run your PC! free!
Phip 4:13- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!
 I want the two-seater, solar-assisted version of this.
Timothy Wooi (author)  pimpyourstuff5 years ago
Tomorrow,my 1st Electric assisted Semi Recumbent tricycle will be exactly 9 years old if not destroyed by a massive flood that hit my place in 2005!
An short intro on Timmy Green 1.
My dual power assisted Electric tricycle from upgrown bicycle and houshold parts
This is my lean dual powered tricycle, made of parts available at home right from used computer chair to a salvaged kid's outgrown bicycle.
It is designed with a choice of 3 power modes,human, combination of human & Electric power and ful Electrical, all can be individually selected to suit personal preference. 1.Manual mode:Pedal cycling for muscles toning up & burning of waste colestrol! (2 motors switched off). 2.Electric assisted mode: For light exer-cycling & climbing hills or low speed cruising (1 motor switch on ). 3.Full Electric power for high speed riding at 24 km/hr! (both motors switched on). This Tricycle is equiped with Amp meter,Volt meter and protected by a resettable 15Amp NFB(no fuse breaker that also acts as a switch). The Amp & Volt meter shows current battery condition and available power.
A solar panel can be built into the fairing to charge the 3 units 12 volts,7AH Computer UPS gel battery! while parked in the daylight as an upgrade modification. Sorry Im unable to attached the free plans & detail progress photos as it was all destroyed through a flood that hit my place in 2005!
caledonian5 years ago
Seriously cool. I want one, really. It would be perfect right now for getting me around. Thanks for posting.
Timothy Wooi (author)  caledonian5 years ago
If you just want to get around like I did,you can consider building a folding bike out of an old mini bike of the 70ties and give it a nice trendy look of the 21th century!
These bikes were proven light to ride in town runing errants & agile.
When folded it can be tucked in your car boot or just infront of your pillion car seat  and unfold in just 20 secs for a ride!
Timothy Wooi (author) 5 years ago
Build 1 unit and we can start to form a Recumbent trike club to promote going Green! to reduce our Carbon footprints towards a better environment!
From Timothy Wooi
20C,Taman Bahagia,06000,Jitra,Kedah,West Malaysia,
a down to earth country boy in a small town northern part of West Malaysia.

l8nite5 years ago
 what a totally AWESOME bike !  I really like the chain drive steering and the jackshaft for the driveline. Are there bearings on the ends of the jackshaft?  How comfortable is it to ride?

 I have a collection of bike parts I was gathering to build something along these lines but then found a really cool 3wheeler built by worksman http://worksmancycles.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/pav3.html on craigslist that I traded a piece of art for. The gearing on it leaves a lot to be desired (3spd) but I think a larger crank gear may help.

 I'll probably still build my own, Im planning a front drive with a 20" 5spd and rear steer 3wheeler kind of like the green machine made for kids or the orange bike in the pic
Timothy Wooi (author)  l8nite5 years ago
Hi 18nite,
Yes there are bearings at the ends of the shaft with hubcones as it is at the ends of a Wheel hub.

In designing transmission for bicycles,I started with the basics fundamentals working around the form & fit without affecting the function.
As you can see,the jackshaft is actually a rear wheel hubs with threads on both sides to accept a freewheel cog.
It was cut and extended at the center using a 1/2" GI pipe.

The Inner threaded shaft was also extended with an extra of 1/12" from the threaded ends of the hub where the freewheel screws onto.
With this set up ,you still maintain the configuration of the drive train with spares availability and also reliability of proven bicycle engineering!.
You notice that the drive sprockets was on the rear left instead of the rear right wheel is for safety reasons as Malaysian drive on the left side of the road.
It is very comfortable as the seat to crank dist is adjustable with legs fully extended when your heel is placed on the pedals.
The Seat platform is supported using 4 saddle springs as vertical suspension.

Gearing is chosen using a 26/36/48 to 18 ratio.
At 36/18 teeth set up is actually my touring bike gearing on level ground cycling at a cadence of 80.
I use one step lower for hill climbing and 1 step higher for downhill  speed cycling. 
Sorry for being so lengthy!
God bless,
l8nite l8nite5 years ago
hhmmm for some reason my pics didn't post....
rimar20005 years ago
Very interesting work!!
Timothy Wooi (author)  rimar20005 years ago
You are most welcome.
I also make my own dedicated tools for biking bringing only neccessary to handle most jobs.
will post it later together with an outdoor shower made from a chemical sprayer!
God bless,
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