Picture of Timmy Green, my homebuilt Delta Recumbent Trike.
This is my Green & Lean HPV, (Human powered vehicle)
It is made from a combination of parts available at home right from used computer chair to a kid's outgrown bicycle.
The goal of this project is to promote Green Living in Malaysia to create the awareness of Global Warming caused by excessive noxious emissions and how we can do our part to help the Environment from further depleting through Cycling as one of our mode of Commute.      
 This HPV is designed with only 3 gearing system (initially and upgraded accordingly) for leisure Cruising, Hill climbing and  Down-hill riding. Gear ratios were specially selected for a most efficient use of our Human Power, roughly 1/8 of an Horsepower. 
Average speed attained with a cadence of 70 is 28km/hr distributing your weight evenly on a sponged seat ergonomically              position for a relaxed ride relieving pressure points on sensitive parts.
Apart from this it can also be used for muscles toning up & burning of Waste cholesterol as you pedal.

Step 1: Lighting

Picture of Lighting
Lighting is supplied through a Solar Charger attached on the front fairing. It charges 2 AA rechargeable alkaline batteries during the day. A six hour exposure to the sun will supply lighting to a 0.5Watt high Intensity LED front light and a rear LED light for 10hrs continuous use.     
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savageeuge8 months ago

Where did you get the seat and springs from?

Stumanchu1 year ago


fluteguy1 year ago
Super design!!!

What seat did you use?

Kristo_2 years ago
Hello mister Timothy Wooi,

As I live in the most traffic jammed european city and as I'm also thinking about a more sustainable way of moving , some friend and I want start to work over a project of covered tricycle with electric assistance (because of the climate). In looking for some interesting ideas, I have been blowed away to discover your creation.
That's really amazing ! Congratulation !

Can you send me some information about this? I'm curious to know how much it has cost to you to build this? And how long? What are the size and the weight of your trike? You talked about a triple system of gear. Can you explain it to me? And finally, do you produce this trike and plan to sell it in Europe or only in Malaysia?

I'm really happy to discover your work and wish you the best for your project.

Kind regards

loafers3 years ago
Wow, this is truly well done. I've got a bunch of great old bikes under the house from when my brothers and I were growing up, they're just collecting dust these days. *chop here, weld there* I have an idea.. Thankyou very much Timmy for the idea and the steps, your trike looks much better than most $2500 Recumbent Trikes I see, and being home built, it's just even better! Good Job Mate, Worth 5 Stars
jerropa3 years ago
very inspiring
alexwelton5 years ago
how long did it take to make your homebuilt delta recumbent trike?

Timothy Wooi (author)  alexwelton4 years ago
I took me about 2 weeks from design to spray paint.
erice19845 years ago
Where did you get this HHO kit from?
Timothy Wooi (author)  erice19845 years ago
I build it from my workshop using material available from hardware shop.
It is retailed at RM470  per kit in Malaysia.
hi would like a link or some info thanks a ton
Timothy Wooi (author)  sterlingss4 years ago

Please og on to https://www.facebook.com/Tim's Waterfuel
letsgoharry5 years ago
Hi Timmy

I drive around North-, Central- and South- America
"if I can get enough Sponsers"

make it like I make

But a sign on your Trike, where you write on it what you make and where you go and following sentence:

$ 1 for 1 Mile

Belief me it works... not much but just enough what I need for Food etc.

Or make a (Free) Website and there you make the same
Look my Website:

I whist you good luck on your journey
GOD bless You

01 DSC00285 - Copy.JPG
Timothy Wooi (author)  letsgoharry5 years ago
Hi Harry,
TQ so much for your advice especially on getting sponsers.
I will follow your advice to put up a sinage what you make and where you go and following sentence: SUPPORT $1 for 1 Mile.
Still do not understand on what you make means here. 
Im not good on the free web thing and will proceed with the sinage 1st.
Many tks,
Hello Timothy
I start in 2 days ( 1. jun 2011) my Velomobile-Expediton around the world. See my Facebook where I have a lot photos of the preparation for my LEIBA classic "Explore" Velomobile. And on my Website, where you see the aproxomatly "Route"
God bless you
To YOU Reader
Add me as friend in Facebook, you are wellcome

10.11.14.  Harry mit seinem VM beim Heiligen-Hain - Copy.jpgIMGP0483.JPGIMGP0484.JPGIMGP0485.JPGIMGP0615 - Copy.JPGIMGP1340.2.c.jpgIMGP1342.2.c.jpgIMGP1343.2.c.jpgIMGP1351.2.c.jpg
This is something I've been looking to do, but i want it to go to both the rear wheels; using the gear cassette onto the jack shaft, then chain it to both rear wheels, using the rear wheels freewheel as its own differential (go left, left wheel gets all power, while the right goes faster, and freewheels, and vise versa)..
on the other hand, do you notice the right wheel dragging when accelerating or turning?
ANDY!4 years ago
what about adding an electric motor and some batteries to the wheel thats not foot driven? i thought adding a wheel with multiple size sprockets like from a multi-speed bike to be able to change your ratio based on weight of rider/load weight/ incline grades. with that wheel and slots to adjust alignment of motor. unless you can use the gearing system from another bike to change gears on the fly but i would be worried about chain alignment. be great trike.....wish i had acess to a welder.....one day......one day
zcshiner4 years ago
How did you paint this? It it power coated or just spraypaint?
mrlunna135 years ago
SWEET TRIKE!!! That's a very nice recumbent trike! I have a "Brike" recumbent trike that I kinda steampunked. But this trike is a killer! Great job.
Mr. Lunna Xlll
Timothy Wooi (author)  mrlunna134 years ago
Hi Mrlunna13,Many tks for your proactive encouragement.This bike is built around 3 bikes that was idling as my kids grew up!
Tks, wooitimothy@gmail.com
abadfart4 years ago
nice im more of a tadpole guy
Timothy Wooi (author) 5 years ago
Anyone wants to upgrade a shotr reach Caliper racing type brakes! Need to use smaller wheels on standard fork? Attached my modificatiobn. facebook.com/album.php?aid=2072880&id=1157253986&l=033c1b2dda
Timothy Wooi (author)  Timothy Wooi5 years ago
alexwelton5 years ago
its amazing

RayKenn5 years ago
Congratulations on this excellent work!  Thanks for sharing it.
Timothy Wooi (author)  RayKenn5 years ago
You are most welcome.
Now collecting dimensions to post my 2nd Instructable,Tim's 2 to 3 Wheel Conversion kit to enable Everyone to Cycle right from Special kids to adult with ballabnce problem.
Email me timothywooi@gmail.com for pictures of prototype.
kube605 years ago
Maybe a stupid question here, but when you say pipe, do you mean like iron water pipe like from home depot or did you use actual tubing? Don't mean to nitpick, just need to know for my build.
krelyea5 years ago
 Timmy, an excellent trike, has given me solutions to the problems I encurred trying to build my own.  But I have one question,  Where did you get or did you manufacture the fairing?  
Once again, thanks for the ideas and thanks for going and keeping green. 
Timothy Wooi (author)  krelyea5 years ago
Hi Krelyea,
Tks for your proactive comment.
In building this trike,recycle is my my focus,thus all parts and materials are taken from idle materials unless I need a specific shape/design which I need to custome make.
The fairing is taken from a stock Suzuki 100cc Scooter which cost about  Rm 50( USD13) new. Take a look at front fairing from a motorbike shop and work around that5 to suit.

Neccessity is the Mother of Inventions!
Creativity is the Father of Solutions!-Timothy Wooi  
la3bna5 years ago
Can you make an instructable for the HHO kit ?

It would be really nice
 I got real good plans from www.smacksboosters.com
good instructions with details
Timothy Wooi (author)  la3bna5 years ago
Dont worry buddy,
I will do my best to find time to write an instructable on how you can build a HHO generator using available materials at local hardware shops.Its basically a grade 316 S/Steel Spiral design HHO generator that Im trading to finance my Green projects..
All these materials were specially selected from local hardware around the globe to be user available!

Im still struggling between prototyping green gadgets,building bicycles,planning community work helping to build toilets in the interior and also trying to get sponsers to finance my ride to promote Green.
Timothy Wooi (author)  la3bna5 years ago
Yes but later as now working on a Wind/Solar Generator to power my Computer.
Just posted a copy & paste instruction on a hho.
Tried copied the write up but the pictures did not copied somehow.  
dwrenne5 years ago
Nice job. Using a front derailer is a sweet innovation and using the rear derailer just for tensioning is clever. Any reasons why you didn't decide to drive both rear wheels.
The issue with supplying power to both rear wheels is there is no easy/inexpensive  way to construct a differential.  Without which both wheels would move at the same speed as each other reguardless of what was required of them.  When cornering the outside wheel would need to spin faster then the inside wheel, as it travels a larger diameter curve, and would scrub on the ground acting as a passive brake.
very good instuctable... and wapusk, now i know what the diff in the car does... i am going to tell everyone! 
Timothy Wooi (author)  tarala5 years ago
When you go to a hobbyist shop , just take a look at a moderately high end scale model of a remote control  buggy or 4WD .Spin the right rear wheel clockwise and look at the rotation of left rear wheel.
It spins counterclockwise when theres no load applied.
A differential will automatically engage to spin faster when the opposite side experience a heavier load/traction thus improve handling at corners!
 There is a simple inexpensive way to drive two wheels that lets the wheel with the least traction, freewheel while slightly in a turn turning. A ratcheting drive cog is employed at each wheel
Timothy Wooi (author)  The Wapusk5 years ago
Tks for the englightenment to why only 1 drive is used.
Unless you want to incoperate put 2 freewheel at the 2 rear wheels,you can dive 2 wheels at the same time compensate for the turning effect like that of a differential gear assembly without wearing much of the tires!
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