Step 4: The Frame

Picture of The Frame
                      Design of the frame is from a 20” Mountain bicycle frame extended using a 11/2” diameter pipe and reinforced with ¾” pipes between chain-stay to form a triangle  structure extending to the rear to take vertical and side twisting load when taking a sharp turn.The 3/4" tube between the bottom Triangle is for a Rider's weight exceeding 100kg and can be omitted if Rider is below 100kg.
kube605 years ago
Maybe a stupid question here, but when you say pipe, do you mean like iron water pipe like from home depot or did you use actual tubing? Don't mean to nitpick, just need to know for my build.
Timothy Wooi (author) 5 years ago
Tks Buddy,
Going Green starts from Reduce,reuse & finally Recycle !
God bless,
onrust5 years ago
WOW!  Simple and elegant.  Love your use of material.