Step 6: Only 1 Front Derailer

Picture of Only 1 Front Derailer
Only 1 Front Derailer is used for gear shifting on the front triple Chain ring with standard 24,36 & 44 teeth driving a standard 18 teeth Freewheel cog. A Rear Derailer is used midway to act as a Chain Tensioner. 
The Rear Axle is linked to the left Rear Wheel through a 1:1 Final Drive set up using 2 standard 18T Freewheel cogs. 
Another 18 teeth Freewheel is used on the Rear drive wheel. No Derailer is fitted to ease tire removal during puncture.
Rear brake is only on the Right rear wheel to evenise wear & tear of driving & stopping on opposite tires.
alexwelton5 years ago
its amazing

alexwelton5 years ago
how long did it take to make your homebuilt delta recumbent trike?

dwrenne5 years ago
Nice job. Using a front derailer is a sweet innovation and using the rear derailer just for tensioning is clever. Any reasons why you didn't decide to drive both rear wheels.
Timothy Wooi (author)  dwrenne5 years ago
Hi Dwrenne,
You can use to drive 2 wheels but needs more parts to build/fabricate. You will have slightly more pedalling resistance but get better traction in contra. 

As our average human power is only about 1/8hp! and to why I use only 1 wheel to drive is to reduce frictional & transmissional losses  as well as creating simplicity in design by using parts readiliy available/ cannibalise from existing bicycles.
After simulating driving 1 wheel,I found it is enough to add value so why 2 is my reason to be energy efficient.You can see that the rear brakes is on the opposite side and no brakes on the drive side is to evenise wear & tear of the tires!
I just incoperated a 6 speed cog as an improvement to the rear 18teeth as found it a bit tiring trying to climb a 10degree hill recently.
Ist, I must tell you that Im a Lean person,and applies Lean thinking into design.  Simplicity in design identifying minimum resourse to eliminate Waste incoperating Robustness and also choosing parts that is repairable (should it fail at the momment it shouldnt( is part of Lean thinking.
Attached some photos.
God bless,