Step 7: How to build the drive shaft

Picture of How to build the drive shaft
Take a look at a good quality Steel rear wheel hub.
Get 2 units of those and cut it at somewhere in the middle.
Get a a thick tube /pipe of similar diameter with the Outer diameter of the hub.
Mine was about 5/8" diameter and 12" in length.

Weld this tube extending the middle of 2 precut hubs .Ensure that it is cylindrical as possible.
(Note: Ensure that the threaded portion of the hub is used to screw in a Freewheel later).

Next Extend the Inner threaded shaft with similar diameter steel rod leaving 3/4" extending the outer hub race.
Put back all the bearings and tighten the hub cone to only move freely!
You have now extended a Hub cone assembly without affecting the fit & function.
This is something I've been looking to do, but i want it to go to both the rear wheels; using the gear cassette onto the jack shaft, then chain it to both rear wheels, using the rear wheels freewheel as its own differential (go left, left wheel gets all power, while the right goes faster, and freewheels, and vise versa)..
on the other hand, do you notice the right wheel dragging when accelerating or turning?