This Instructable will show you how to build your own camping stove using household items, and cook a simple lunch.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

  • a large can (2L or 1kg)
  • a small can (tuna or pet food)
  • corrugated cardboard
  • wax: paraffin, crayon, or candle
  • string or birthday candles
  • tin snips
  • scissors
  • bottle opener
  • food to cook (suggestion: grilled cheese sandwich or eggs to fry)
I use to make these like 30 years ago. Use to cook piklets (small pancakes) on them (use to use a bigger fruit can)
<p>this is so good, many years ago when I joined the Scouts I was shown breifly this concept but I didnt realt get he hang of it then.Now I DO!!! .. This has to be the next Scout project for me and the Troop... Many thanks ,,, Old Scout Leader</p>
<p>You had my attention at GRILLED CHEESE! This is great. I'll be using it this spring when I'm RVing in South Fork Colorado. </p>
<p>This has SUCH A GREAT DIY APPEAL!</p><p>I can see the possibility of storing a few of the fuel discs inside this stove can while it's being carried in a backpack. Very nice.</p>
<p>As part of a survival weekend <br>our scouts made these (- fuel / paraffin), hobo stoves.</p><p>#10 can provides a larger / better cooking surface.</p><p>Context was storm destroyed all your gear improvise shelter <br>cooking and food. </p><p>Fished, filtered / boiled water, made stoves shelter and <br>equipment with what was around <br>(seeded some equipment, cans plastic bottles, plastic sheets, stuff that would <br>be around after a storm). </p><p>I don't do car camping!</p><p>Good one</p>
best to make sure your can isnt bpa lined. many are.
<p>Great photos and documentation :D</p><p>+ bonus points for making me crave a grilled cheese</p>

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