Step 2: The Bearing

The can is used wth its open side downwards.

The bearing consists of a dimple in the bottom, made from the inside, hanging on the sharpened point of the nail or rod. To position the dimple nicely in the middle I used a template cut out of the plastic lid the can came with. The dimple is made with a Phillips screwdriver, pushing and turning. Do not exaggerate, as it will not work if you pierce the metal. A dimple just large enough to keep things in place on the nail is sufficient.

The point carrying the can needs to be sharp. The trick is to minimise the diameter of the contact surface, to minimise friction.

Remove all coverings and any glue. The cans I used had some hotmelt glue on them, most easily removed by heating the metal slightly from the inside (with the long-neck candle lighter I had lying arround). Take care not to burn yourself.