Tin Can Organizer !


Introduction: Tin Can Organizer !

About: I am a Crafter in Sacramento, California and enjoy life most when I am making and creating!!!

I loved making this TIn Can Organizer. I gathered an empty paint can (or you can get one at Home Depot for about $5) and some recycled soup cans ( I'd been saving them up and they were different sizes which ended up working out well for some of the smaller items I wanted to put in the organizer too) some screws and bolts, paint, etc. and went to work.

I use this Organizer daily and it sits right on my craft table stuffed with art supplies that I constantly am using as well.. I hope you find it as useful!!

For a Step-By Step tutorial on the "TIN CAN ORGANIZER" click  HERE  or copy and paste the following address:




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