Picture of Tin Can Roses
I wanted to do something special for my wife for our recent anniversary. Since her birthday was only 8 days previous and I went all out I was on a budget. I was not about to let an anniversary slip by without a memorable tribute so I got to work.

I have a relatively unsophisticated collection of hand tools, no power tools to speak of and I'm not exactly overwhelmed with raw material choices around the house. After mulling over a bunch of ideas in my head over the course of a couple of days I decided on making her a dozen roses. I created them using pretty simple household stuff.

Materials Needed:
(6) Soda Cans
(12) 11" pieces of constuction or strong craft wire (for stems)

Tools Needed:
Scissors (Don't use your wife's sewing scissors because they will be dull and worthless after cutting through tin cans.)
Ballpoint Pen (Use a pen you don't care about because it will probably not write after this little adventure.)
Sanding Sponge or Sand Paper
Needle Nose Pliers (These will be used to cut and bend wire)

Please Note: Be careful not to cut yourself on the sharp edges of the soda can.
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Step 1: Rinse and Prepare Soda Cans

Picture of Rinse and Prepare Soda Cans
Thoroughly rinse the cans with hot water to keep them from getting sticky and gumming up your scissors. Once they're clean and dry cut off the tops and bottoms of the cans so only the sides remain. You can use a metal ruler to straighten out the material once you've cut the edges straight.

Step 2: Sand off the paint

Picture of Sand off the paint
Use a sanding sponge or plain old sand paper to thoroughly remove the paint from the surface of the metal.

Step 3: Draw a swirl shape on the material

Picture of Draw a swirl shape on the material
With a ballpoint pen that you don't need to ever use again and don't mind potentially destroying, trace a swirl shape from roughly the center of the material outward. The pen should make a little indentation in the material that you can use to cut out the final shape.

Step 4: Cut the swirl shape out of the material.

Picture of Cut the swirl shape out of the material.
Once you have your swirl shape go ahead and cut along the line you just drew.
DorianC1 month ago

Soda cans have not been made of Tin since the 1960s. You made Aluminium roses.

jennybuco9 months ago

incredible .. so nice :)

jennybuco9 months ago

incredible .. so nice :)

jennybuco9 months ago

incredible .. so nice :)

dmh11 year ago
safenj2 years ago
How do you attach the leaves?
That is really sweet! She must have loved them, and she can enjoy them forever :)
ironsmiter3 years ago
Start with coke cans, but do not remove the paint.
For the leaves, use sprite cans


VERY nice looking rosebuds.

Anyone with thoughts on a good pattern for adding petals, and turning it into an "adult" rose?
erich.haubrich (author)  ironsmiter3 years ago
I Started with Mountain Dew and ended up with a little bit of the paint on the leaves. It added kind of a nice effect. I think in v2.0 I'm going to use regular food cans and hand paint the petals. You can also add a nice texture to the leaves with the ballpoint pen and make more intricate cuts to shape the petals.