Picture of Tin Can Stilts
Looking for that pay raise? Grow 6 inches and take the extra money you earn to buy new pants! E-Z stilts with 2 cans, tape, and a pair of shoes
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Step 1: Materials: 2 cans, sturdy tape, shoes

Picture of Materials: 2 cans, sturdy tape, shoes
This one's low on supplies but high on the goofy meter. A few observations though:
1. the stilts feel all around more comfortable and safer with shoes (rather than barefoot attachment to the stilts).
2. a strap system could be used instead of tape. an instructable of this system might be posted laiter, but a liberal application of tape takes 5 minutes and seems strudy enough.

Step 2: Attach shoes to can with tape

Picture of attach shoes to can with tape
It is easier to first tape a shoe to a can before it is on your foot. Loosely tape on and then attach to foot and finish the job.

Attach the shoe to the "bottom" closed side of the can.

Step 3: Admire your work

Picture of admire your work