I volunteer with my church to act as different characters for their vacation bible schools and "trick or treat street"s. Trick or treat street is a family friendly trick or treat alternative in e safe environment for the kids in my community. This upcoming summer I will be portraying the tin man in our VBS week of "The Wizard of Oz", consequently I am also designated tin man for the trick or treat street Wizard of Oz room. Here's how I made my costume in less than 1.5 weeks.

Step 1: Materials

The materials I used:
Foam EVA Puzzle piece mat
Craft Foam Sheets (8"x12")
Duct Tape
Hot glue
Old shirt
Old thin jacket
Old jeans
Pair of shoes you don't mind "improving"
Pair of gloves you don't mind "improving"
Wooden dowel or plunger handle
Aluminum metallic Rustoleum spray paint (3 can)
Steel Gray Plasti-Dip (2 can)
Hot glue gun
Box cutter

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