What're the measurements for the template?
Not to offend, just helpful critisism, but its aluminum.
WhyHello4 years ago
coooool :D
jagnat40005 years ago
Izze? Nice project
akossoy5 years ago
awesome instruction! completely agree with crankygnome... people are defineltely also gonna hate me... but still, really cool
wakojako6 years ago
take off the bottle caps and put your thunb and first finger in thier place
Emsaid (author)  wakojako6 years ago
I've tried that but its pretty hard
i.........................want...............................a tatertot!
crankygnome5 years ago
great instruction

people are going to hate me nowthat i can make whistles out of inaminat objects
greensteam6 years ago
Captain, You are THE MAN! This works brilliantly. I made one and it is SO LOUD! I have now also experimented with a totally plastic one and although it is not as loud as the tin one, it does definitely whistle. My plastic one is made from some clear plastic from a tub and two milk bottle lids.
Emsaid (author)  greensteam6 years ago
Sweet! I'm glad it worked for you
Izzes are the best.
free2be6416 years ago
That's B.A.!
noah1r6 years ago
i agree splenda is bad x(
Kiteman6 years ago
This would be a lot better if you included a template for the shape you cut out of the can.

Emsaid (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
I did its in the intro
Kiteman Emsaid6 years ago
Oops, my bad!
Skyfinity6 years ago
Hah! This is great! What a fun idea. There are lots of things that are made out of and by the simplest things, and it only takes the incentive to turn that into something you can make unique. I'm definitely going to try this! Then, I think I'll work on a tin can penny-whistle. These would make great nerd-gifts. :D
thepelton6 years ago
I may just show how I made a wooden whistle.
lemonie6 years ago
Wow, I wouldn't have though this possible before today. L
I agree with Lemonie. We dont drink much beer in our house so I will have to ask my student pals to save bottle tops for me. Or perhaps try boring old plastic ones. Is the distance between the edge and the blowing bit critical?
Emsaid (author)  greensteam6 years ago
well I don't drink beer at all yet.... (I'm 14) I used soda caps, they are the same thing
Emsaid (author)  greensteam6 years ago
i dont get what your trying to say but do you mean the hole where the bead is ( if you use the diagram it will work)
jtobako Emsaid6 years ago
Instead of bottle caps, try using your finger and thumb to cap the ends. You may need to play with the gap (fipple?) by pushing the mouthpiece in with your lips.

Close tothis. : )
Phil B6 years ago
Are there any sharp edges that could cut lips or tongue? Could it be made of something more durable than aluminum from a soda can?
Emsaid (author)  Phil B6 years ago
you could probably make it out of a soup can. (There are no sharp edges)