Step 1: 3D Print

First step it to print the handles! I used white ABS with an UP! 3DP.

The STL Files are below.
Dumbbell moyen (part 1 and 2) is for 83.75 mm diameter cans. 
Dumbbell small is for 73.25 mm diameter cans

*Note that not all printers print equally and that different materials wont shrink the same way. If you use a different printer or a different type of plastic, you might have to adjust some settings to get a perfect fit. 

If you are having difficulty getting a good resolution with your UP!, I suggest you also build this box as showen in this instructables :
You should paint the classic '1 TON' stencil on each can!
These made me smile so much while you were making them :D Great project.

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