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Hello. This is my new and impropved engine that I made from my old one, which i did not post. It has a heat shield (boo-ya!), adjustble thrust, 3 commpressor blades, one exhaust blade, and will have motors. I have not put the turbines in because I am still making the best i can. The commpression chamber was not pictured.
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jompon2547 (author)2017-11-04

*squidward sound*

"7 years later"

pilotgabe (author)2011-05-30

tip if you want to make a jet engine have a big fan with minimum turn ratio on the blades then for the compressor just mak a full row about 2-3 times longer than the front and for the exuahst compressor a little bit bigger than the middle chmaber compressor and have an exauhst port at the end that should work out well nice job by the way keep at it.

makerboy112 (author)pilotgabe2011-06-16

I've given this up. It wouldnt even work anyway, I just have given up on everything I have tried making. It wouldn't work, I should have realized it from the start

Don't give up, 100%of my turbine attempts have shredded and burned themselves completely, but I am still trying because I enjoy it :) and trust me, yours looks like it has a much better chance than mine

_Scratch_ (author)makerboy1122011-10-22

There's always a reason for something to fail, you won't get anything done if you just give up after a few tries. Thomas Edison tried hundreds (if I remember right) of different materials for his light bulb filament before he actually got it right.

If it was just as easy as making a prototype once, and having it work perfectly, everybody would be making things themselves. Yet you still have distinct groups of DIYers that do this stuff, and the groups that don't bother because it's TOO MUCH WORK. You can't let the belief that it is too much work get to you.

pilotgabe (author)makerboy1122011-06-17

tell me y and i can help

gold_heart2000 (author)2012-09-02

AWESOME BRO...wthere it works or not its an awesome attempt

cool2000 (author)2011-12-07

what is used as a axle to the blades, steel wire wont work, it just bends

kk khrab (author)2011-02-25

Good Luck Bud!! Nice Turbine fans :)

macman11 (author)2010-11-20

Are you going to use bearings if so what kind-- you've inspired me !

makerboy112 (author)macman112010-12-31

Sorry for the late reply---I got them at target, they are for some R/C cars (X-mods or something like that)

Chicken Gutz (author)2010-11-25

Give it up Kiteman.... In the words of James Matthew Barrie, "I'm not young enough to know everything"

Ki1o (author)2010-10-26

If it works, make a vid.

nutsandbolts_64 (author)2010-05-25

 Good luck making one! BTW, you need heat-resistant metal alloys to make this work. I mean it could melt to pieces! I guess you're better off making a pulse jet. Of course, those are only possible outcomes. Hope that it won't explode (or implode; it's less likely to happen though), and put blast shields all over the test area in case it does. 

You shoulda saw my first one. (Lets just say its "burnt"). What kinda material do you suggest??

 Something that won't melt at around 900 Celsius. Steel's good, but heating it causes it's strength to fail. Maybe adding cooling fins around your jet; that should keep the outside cool. As for the blades in the inside, I don't know what to do with that! Maybe, making a special air structure to allow air to cool it down. I don't know what sort of structure; you're on your own on that part.

would cooper work to help cool it iv noticed a lot of fans use that?

it should do as long as it has enough surface area

 I have access to Titanium, but not in large quantities. Maybe copper tubing and some sort of water cool pump setup? 

 maybe, all I'm worried about is temperature at the blades, and pressure throughout the rest of the jet. 

callipso (author)2010-04-25

 I think, you should forget it, I've tried making one, and it just didn work... Turbine must stand really high RPMs and be very solid and precise-made...

livestrong2431 (author)2010-04-25

An argument with Kiteman! =O

Good luck winning mate, I don't see you with that many featured Instructables...

I dont need a featured sticker.

Kiteman (author)2010-04-18

I'm looking forward to the instructable.

Make sure you video it running - I bet I'm not the only one wondering how far the shrapnel will fly...

makerboy112 (author)Kiteman2010-04-20

I highly doubt there will be any shrapnel. Be a man and dont put your stupid complaints and jokes in fine print. And from what I can tell, your pulse jet broke. So why dontchya back off and man up?

Kiteman (author)makerboy1122010-04-20

You don't like fine print? Fair enough...

Get over yourself, makerboy, and get yourself a sense of humour.

Of course the pulse-jet broke - it was ordinary glass heated far enough to burn, for goodness' sake!  Have a look at YouTube for other jam jar jets, and compare the running times.

makerboy112 (author)Kiteman2010-04-20

I have a sense of humor. but I'm not gonna let a grown man make fun of what I make. I'm 13, ok? And I dont have anything to get over.

Kiteman (author)makerboy1122010-04-21

You can't have it both ways - if you're going to try and tell me to "be a man", then I will expect exactly the same from you.

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