Tin Can Lanterns


Introduction: Tin Can Lanterns

Easy to make and beautiful!

Acrylic paint
-Paint brush
-Tin can (I used a corn can)
-Hammer or drill
- If using the hammer method then you need nails
-Tea light candles

Step 1: Painting

For this step all you need to do is paint a thin layer onto the can.

Step 2: Design

Take an ink pen or light colored marker and dot where you want the holes to go.

Step 3: Tapping

Place the nail on a dot you've made and tap on it with the hammer

Step 4: Repainting

After all the tapping the paint would most likely be chipped, so repaint a coat on the can.

Step 5: Finished

Put the tea light in the can and enjoy

 I didn't finish mine, just showing what it would look like after making some holes.



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    You could also make couple of holes on each side, and thread a wire through it, hang in it trees. That should make beautiful spring and summer nights. Great idea!