Picture of Tinder Caps - The Bottle Cap tinder stash
Any fellow pyromaniacs will know that frustrating feeling you have when you want FIRE!!! but have no tinder to kick the thing off, Well this project is simple cheap and requires no tools just some bottle caps, string and your chosen tinder
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Step 1: Equipment

Picture of Equipment
For this you will need:

- 2x Bottle Caps
- 1x length of string (around 5 cm)
- 1x a small bundle of tinder ( For this i am using silver birch bark
- 1x small portion of super glue if wanted (not required)

Step 2: Primary Cap prep

Picture of Primary Cap prep
Firstly take the first of your Bottle Caps and mark it with a sharpie on the inside just for later reference.

     Then start pushing the outer circle (the bit that grips the lip of the bottle) inwards this is the fiddly bit because it needs to be able to fit snugly inside the second unaltered (once of the bottle) bottle cap, It should create a friction fit to the second Cap but before you lock the two in place you need to do the next step.

Step 3: Tying up loose ends

Picture of Tying up loose ends
     Now take 5cm string, for mine i used 550 paracord but in the photo's it is just regular string, personally i'd go with paracord for its durability .

     Now tie a knot in each end and place both ends next to each other in the bottom of the Marked Bottle Cap on top of which you will place your tinder.

Step 4: Adding the Tinder

Picture of Adding the Tinder
      As the title says now we add the tinder, cram as much as you can on top of the cord in the smaller bottle cap and keep cramming until you reach a nice solid lump of tinder.