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Lighting a fire in survival is an essential but the firesteel is not an easy tool to get a fire going, unless you have cotton wool. However cotton wool is not naturally found in the wild so it's hard to find great tinder. With this tinder pod you can easily carry a supply of cotton wool. It's lightweight, water resistant and really easy to make! Tie it to your pack or put it on your belt for easy access. So get outside; survive and thrive!

Step 1: Thing's You'll Need

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If you don't have the things you need, how will you ever start? You will need:


  • Glue Stick (Whatever size; preferably run out)
  • Duct Tape (Whatever colour you want)
  • Cordage (Shoelace or Paracord)
  • Cotton Wool


  • Fire (Cooker Hob or Campfire)
  • Old Metal Stick (To heat up and melt plastic)
  • Pliers (Preferably needle-nose or multi-tool)
  • Water (For testing)
  • Scissors (If not on multi-tool)


Picture of WARNINGS!

I know, you already know all this stuff but I'm just making sure...

  • No touchy touchy, fire burny burny.
  • Melting plastic creates toxic fumes so open a window or even better do it outside.
  • Pliers can be sharp, watch out!

PLEASE NOTE: I will not take any responsibility if you cause yourself harm during this project. PLEASE TAKE CARE!

Step 3: Taking the Glue Stick Apart

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We're finally getting to making this thing! Take the middle bit with the glue out and discard it. Use the pliers to rip the twisty bottom off the glue stick, keep this part for later repairs. Push the pliers down in the small hole to remove the centre piece, being careful not to hurt yourself. You will be needing the part that comes out to seal the hole later.

Step 4: Repairing the Hole

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Cut the bottom piece off the centre piece and place back in the hole on the glue stick. Heat up the metal rod on the fire until it is hot enough to melt plastic. But be careful; fire is hot. Melt the top of the centre piece and put the molten plastic around the hole on the glue stick, it might take a couple of tries. You can test how water resistant it is by putting a piece of cotton wool in it and submerging it in water for a couple of seconds. If the cotton wool is soaked you might need the patch the hole again.

Step 5: Wrapping Up

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Cut the cordage into a piece about 2 inch (5cm), making sure you cut off the hard end if it's a shoelace. Put one end of the cordage on the glue stick lid and wrap the duct tape around it to cover it and secure the cordage. Next place the other end on the bottom part of the glue stick and tape around just as before. Tape up any pieces still showing and fill up tightly with cotton wool. It should now be ready for use, fill it up and off you go! The rope on the lid and bottom of the glue stick makes it great for putting it on your belt or pack and it also makes sure you don't lose the lid.

Step 6: Extra Tips!

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You've finished it but here are a few extra things you might want to add:

  • Try using a bigger glue stick for more storage.
  • Use different colours of duct tape or electrical tape for a customized design.
  • It might be hard to remove the centre piece but it is necessary.
  • Fill it up with different things such as matches or sweets; whatever you want!

If you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments!


ljones137 (author)2014-06-08

love the fire starting tips... it's essential food camping, or survival. all your projects are great. You can also use cotton balls dipped in white petroleum jelly, stored in old 35mm film containers or even old RX bottles, can fit 5 to 8 in there & burns for 3-5 mins, only one or two to start a fire. high btu's & will burn when wet. would be fat with your storm matches.. will virtually last forever.
thanks again & keep up the great work.

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